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Man – Divine

Am I an agnostic, atheist or just live by plain logic?
Why there should be any barriers between you and me?
Your omni-potency or omni-presence might have been exaggerated / hyped up!
Neither it impresses me nor I am going to seek you, nor I shall submit my self
Didn’t I already give you benefit of doubt of your existence, let it be so.

Why am I not pining for ultimate liberation ‘Moksha*?

Didn’t I wade through enough trials and tribulations ?
Or have I been emerging stronger with every passing day
Or am I cherishing the efforts and walk through the fire
Hoping to evolve as a supreme human being

When I face you at an unknown rendezvous at the end of my innings on this plant Aqua
I know not what to say – or it may be unnecessary to say anything at all!
Didn’t we flourish with utmost understanding You must have been my friend, philosopher and guide, so be it.

Maybe I was sent here with a mission to accomplish
I mind not even if it is seemingly impossible,
Let me put my might and righteousness to test
So that all my actions are selfless, untainted and perfect on the path of progress and knowledge!

Grappling with ‘Arishadvargas’ day-in day-out, raising above dualities Unaffected by ‘Trigunas’* to strive hard to be equipoised (Sthitha Prajnya) at all times.

Living blissfully even in austerity with relentless Sadhana to salvage the self from the mundane
Zeal being the byword, leading the life to pinnacle of possibilities

Heeding not to the crowds that expect ‘herd mentality’
Living every moment led by intellect rather than idiosyncrasies
Let my self-less actions be true devotions towards the mankind and you.

Dedicated to Guruji Shri Parthasarathy & Sunanda ji and Institute of Vedanta, Mumbai

By Venkata Chandeeswar

  • Moksha : liberation of the soul
  • *6-enemies of human beings
  • viz., kama (lust), krodha (anger), lobha (greed), Mada (pride),Moha (Delusion) & Matsarya (envy)
  • ** *Satva (Pure minded), Rajas(action oriented) and Tamasa (lethargic)

3 thoughts on “Man – Divine by V. Chandeeswar |Poetry |PAROUSIA Magazine

  1. Yes, the divinity of Man can’t be undermined. It is tested and proved as and when required.
    Well crafted poem Sir


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