Three Poems from Jude Chukwuemeka |PAROUSIA Magazine


Marriage sacred and sanctified
Why divorce?
Who divorced who?
Both agreed till death,
Marriage is pain and gain.

Though many a woman divorced
Accused of infidelity,
But many a man cheats
They call it games,
Her heart wounded and pierced
But she forgave and bear the
sweet pains.

All tails are tails
All holes are holes
Why cheat?
Though styles differ
Why not teach her,
The two are one.

In the Stone Age

Women honored and treasured
But today stressed in pleasure
Cursed and caused to weep
Her tears mock her love for you
You smile at her tears.

She treasures and pleasures you
In return you desire to acquire
her friend’s hips,
Her heart heaps worries and sorrows
Her knees humble in prayers.

Traditionally and religiously
You acquired her love,
Why bull and batter her?
Her love clings to you in matrimony
But you share.

Rumor roared in the air
You heard but never caught
You filed divorce,
She pleads your deaf ears
Ignorantly you ignore her.

Divorce isn’t the option
But mend the broken fence
Men cheat
Women cheat
Temptation abounds
Forgiveness abounds.

Some call it holy divorce
But divorce is divorce
The divorced and the divorcee
Share in its stings
Children the traumatic bearers.

Marriage isn’t relationship
Relationship isn’t marriage
Marriage is ordained
Sekeuku isn’t scriptural
Marriage is for better for worse.


Water evaporates and iced
The creator, mediator and comforter
are one.

Love, Beloved and the comforter
Are mysteries,
Triune and trinitised
‘Let us make man in our own image”

Carnal man confused
of its united union,
Many in doubt.

Divinity isn’t carnality
Man’s curiosity
To unravel the mystery
Is made folly and oblivion.

Only faith in God
Unlocks the mystery
The trinity concretized our faith.


The Agwu diocese
With scattered outstations
Parishes in primitive cities
Chief priest ordained
For each service.

Some worship in the morning
While many worship in the evening
Worship is worship
Men faithful worshippers
Slay queens song singers.

Burukutu outstations
Are for morning devotions
Father and son at worship centers
Though silent prayers uttered
With a holy calabash.

Then come the New Jerusalem
Evenings set aside for weekly services
Officiating ministers ordained
By the size of their wallets.

Methanol the communion wine
Cigarettes, Indian hemp and shisha
are incense of sanctification
What a holy worship.

Church members in twos
Skirts and trousers in love
Facing each other,
Both anointed by alcohol.

Ethanol and methanol smile at them
Secrets shared,
Shekels sacrificed for the pleasure
Though gainful and painful.

Animalistic desires gratified
Homes stranded and starved
Wives cursed and caused to weep
Why blame her for your misfortune?

Retrieve and retract your steps
Turn a new leaf
Pervert or perish
Your deeds speak for you.


Muoneke, Jude Chukwuemeka hails from Ideato North in Imo state. He is currently in Wukari, Taraba state. He studied English and Literary Studies at Federal University Wukari, Taraba state, Nigeria. He has flare for poetry. Some of his published poems are: “The Visitor” and “The Decaying Society”.


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