His Eminence by Andrew Ali Danjuma |Poetry | PAROUSIA Magazine

His Eminence

Let’s rise!

For the King of kings rides on a colt-
His sandals adorned with gold
For He is pure and just

His Eminence reigns

Behold His magnificence
Beyond effability
His glory beyond fallibility

His Eminence reigns

Drop it off…
Drop it at His feet
Your horrors and miseries
He is able to change

His Eminence reigns

You are not alone in your distress
You have cried for too long
Come thither

His Eminence reigns

The wherefores of your conundrum
He knows
He is not unaware of it all

His Eminence reigns

He is the harpoon
You are the bait
Draw nearer

What can’t He do?

Andrew Ali Danjuma writes from Bauchi-North East Nigeria. An indigene of Kurmi Local Government Area of Taraba State. He studied English and Literary Studies from Federal University Wukari. The author’s works appeared on different magazines and online blogs. He is an altruistic, unrepentant and addicted lover of poetry.


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