The Dilemma of an Orphan by Andrew Ali Danjuma| Poetry |PAROUSIA Magazine

The Dilemma of an Orphan

When that beep booped
In a faraway land-
A strange land of my father
Serving my nation

I reeled out the fear
Fear of the unknown
Was it not just yesterday
That I was told you were in a coma?

What was that call for?
Was it well with you?
Was it a tragedy?
Certainly, it was!

The news came of your death
The death of a father
I sat standing
The business of the day stood down

I have lost a father
Whom in all these seasons saw-
To my education and pains
He died…

He died just when I was growing
Growing into a man
I couldn’t see him before his ascension
He ascended in death

That was one of the greatest men
Of Akuwo land
The hero of Kurmi land
He has paid his dues

Then came the harsh realities of life
Those who came calling
Those who looked us in the face
Those who cared while he was alive

Now turned crabs and chameleon
Alas! Your spirit never departed
You watched over your children
And the narrative changed

I used to sit at the extreme
Life wasn’t just fair to an orphan
But each time I flashed back
To your teachings

A brave man is made
I hear you say:
Be content, be industrious
For your blood can fail you

Then I stood
Like the Abraham of old
I left for a land
A land I made the difference

You are the most loved.

Andrew Ali Danjuma writes from Bauchi-North East Nigeria. He has been a disciple of poetry from the word go. The writer is from Taraba State. 


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