Two Poems from Abigail Tydale Bassey | PAROUSIA Magazine

Ode to King Jesus

Timeless Ancestor, living in fair clouds/
Son of the Living God, Heir of Heaven/
Your crown of gold glitters brighter than the sun//
Live forever, O King!

Beautiful Angels, with their many wings/
Sweep clean your orchards and bow at your feet/
Creation sings your praises on earth below//
Holy is your name, O Lord!

Power, majesty/
Adorn your throne above//
O Ancient of days!

Through Heaven’s Street

When you walk through Heaven’s Street,
Beyond the sea, on a beautiful day,
Take one step at a time, if you may,
There are a hundred thousand sailors in Jesus’ fleet.

Men, women, boys and girls, they’ll greet:
‘Welcome to a home that’ll forever stay’;
When you walk through Heaven’s Street,
God’s glory will never pass away.

Neither the sun nor moon you’ll meet,
‘Cause His Word will hold sway,
To be the Light, and keep the people gay.
Whatever thing it’ll cost, aim for these feet,
When you walk through Heaven’s Street.


Abigail Tydale Bassey is a graduate of History and International Studies from the University of Calabar, Calabar, Nigeria.

Currently, she doubles as a classroom teacher and hair stylist. She hopes to write to heal the world. 

Her works have appeared in: Cultural Weekly- Are There Blacks in Heaven? Writers Space Africa- The Prettiest Mammal in the Wild  – Two Orange Hills Tales From the Other Land Blog- Girls Who Became Boys Sprinklestoriez- Miles From Independence,  among others. 
You can also access her poetry online at: Facebook Page- Tydale House Instagram- @tydale.abigail

Twitter- @tydaleabigail


9 thoughts on “Two Poems from Abigail Tydale Bassey | PAROUSIA Magazine

  1. Such an amazing piece… so inspiring👍🏽 I couldn’t have expected less.
    Well done!
    More grace I wish for you tydale.


  2. People will love each other irrespective of the gender interest, King over the heaven’s and undefeated. Wonderful piece. @Abby through heaven street we shall walk one day


  3. Abby crafts poetry like a piece of art on a canvas. I sure walked through heaven’s street and sang an ode to Jesus as I journeyed through each line and verse.

    Keep the balm of your ink healing lives Abby.

    Liked by 1 person

  4. I have seen poets and I have seen poets but Tydale is always excellent in her works. So commanding and captivating with different sense of meaning. Bravo Tydale

    Liked by 1 person

  5. I look at this piece and speaks so many things. As inspiring as it is, it also gives a peek into the author’s beautiful mind. Well-done Tydale!

    Liked by 1 person

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