A Poem from Giti Tyagi | PAROUSIA Magazine


Behold the bloom that spreads the happiness,
Despite the obstacle, overcoming hardships all,
The fragrance, the aroma, the heavenly bliss,
The Divine blessings showered abound!

Shed no tears, mourn no more,
The Divine light manifests upon the earth,
Soothes and heals the wounds deep within,
The soul to higher realms elevates!

Let no words harsh from thy lips depart,
No ego, no pride, no jealousy shown,
Humility when reigns thy wordly deeds,
Thy shall then receive the rewards from the Lord!

Tread the path chosen for the journey thine,
The thorns, the pebbles, the deviations boundless,
Let the faith, the surrender brighten up thy way,
The Divine Will prevails the strongest, the mightiest!

Be merciful to thy brethren to the extent great,
Shower the love, the fondness, the tender care,
Extend a helping hand to all in distress,
A tranquil peace shall then descend upon the earth!

Cleanse thy soul, thy conscience be pure,
Open for the Light to peacefully reside,
Let thy heart prepare for the presence Divine,
There shall thy meet the ever loving Lord!

The messenger of peace and harmony thy shall be,
Sprinkling hope amidst the darkest hours,
Calm, serene as the Divine abode,
Thy shall then be called the children of the Lord!

Tread the path of the truth with its twists and turns,
Sacrifice thy pleasures, thy weaknesses, thy desires,
Follow the Divine decree, let fear leave thy heart,
Thy shall then be safe and secure, protected by the Lord!

Words harsh spoken, insults when hurled upon,
Shall deter thy not from the chosen path,
Be happy and glad, and blissfully receive,
The reward for the goodness from the Father in Heaven!

(The poem ‘HAPPY ARE THOSE’ is inspired by ‘True Happiness – Luke 6.20-23; Matthew 5.3-11’)


Giti Tyagi, from Karnal, India, is an editor, reviewer, creative artist, poetess and short story writer. She is a Senior Lecturer and an Educational Consultant. She won The Best Innovative Teacher Award, at MM University, Ambala, India. Her stories, articles and poems have been published in reputed magazines-‘Muse India’, ‘The Call Beyond’, ‘Writersgram’, ‘Zorba’; magazines of international fame such as ‘The International Poetry Digest’, ‘The Nightingale Poetry Journal’. Having won several poetry competitions and was honoured by the management of Sri Aurobindo Society in 2019 for her contributions in the literary world.


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