Three Poems from Pele Banji | PAROUSIA Magazine


I took a huge step back from life
With the hopelessness of each passing day

I wore a smiling face with disillusioned heart

My inside was too damp with uncried tears

No one knew the depth of my drowning soul

Until she knocks the gate of hades.

In the wretched valley of absolute nothingness,

Came the floodlight from a divine source

Rectilinearly reaching my death-seeking soul

With the illumination of life and hope.

Now, water flows in my dry places

And garden sprouts from my desert

With flourishing flower petals
Announcing the beauty of life

Touched by heaven’s glorious light.


The night I had my sweetest tears

Was the night heaven’s light

Reached out to my darkened soul

Putting off my darkness

And turning up my hope of beautiful

Years to come.

It was indeed tears of joy!


Memories splashed my night
With a magical illumination.

My heart traveled infinitely
It opened the world inside of me

Revealing my scars and inadequacies

The awakening of regrets
And the internal brokenness
That condemns me to sin

I mirror myself through performance
To rate how much I’ve done
To the best of my abilities, I failed.

I sought strength in my weak self
But it produces fear such that consumes

Alas! I heard the whisper of hope
A warm touch of love and affection

As I gave my ears to the word of God
And gave my heart wholly to Him.

He took my fear and healed my wound
I bask in the euphoria of His love

For in loving, He loved me more
His love for me is beyond forever.


Pele Babatope Olabanji a native of Ekiti State. He is a graduate of mechanical engineer, a research assistant at the university of Ibadan and Ladoke Akintola University of Technology, Ogbomoso, Nigeria. Banji has passion for poetry and prose. He is an astute lover of God with deep insight of His love. He writes to give hope to the hopeless, pointing his audience to Christ as the true savior. You can reach himon Facebook @Pele Olabanji and on Instagram @olabanjipele


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