Three Poems from Daniel Yohanna | PAROUSIA Magazine


When I get there amidst filthy souls late,
You will open heaven’s gate
With the high pitch of your honey voice,
I will sing like angels with no noise
To trace in my beautiful voice,
For all I have is you as my choice.

When I get there amidst filthy souls
Covered without tattered-sinful clothes,
You will undress me with your love
And clothe me with a pure robe of love.

When the sins of men initiate darkness
Your tranquil grace will baptize them.
When the iniquities of men in the wilderness
Weigh them down to the bottom of their firm
Your wings will sing a lullaby to comfort them.
Like the Israelites at the rivers of Babylon-
Now at heaven’s gate of my fate with rain.


Life is a battle of Armageddon
With filthy souls imprisoned for doom
Only to be freed by their deeds
In this life for the afterlife,
To be sworn as the gentle souls
That drowns in the ocean of faith.

I long for the dawn that Hades will seek me,
Away from this evil cave of the black alligator.
I long for the dawn that earth will vomit souls,
Its belly running that it can’t hold them any longer.
I long for that dawn that paradise will lodge me,
And clothe me with the robe of life to sing his glory forever.

Thither, hallelujah shall cloth my lips
Swaying its beauty in the wind
With its beautiful rhythms
To cloud the ears of the clean-ghost,
For life after death
Seek only but his praises on my lips.

Rock of Ages

The days are grey
Like the beards of father Abraham
Though, his blessings are mind.
You came to me in my despair
And made me whole,
I speak of you, the rock of ages.

I, my Adam’s apple, will sing
Till my voice turn tambourine.
Though, I have sinned
But your grace is my robe of honor.

Rock of ages
Bright my foresight
Make me Solomon
In this land of misery.

I in you, you in me
Is my swagger
Before Lucifer,
Don’t let him tempt me like your Job
For I fear, I may fail.


Daniel Yohanna hails from Cham district, Balanga L.G.A of Gombe state Nigeria. He is a graduate of Education (English) from the University of Maiduguri. His works have appeared in an anthology title “The Markas.” He has euphoria for poetry, prose and drama. His favorite Bible verse is found in Philippians 4:13. His stage name is Nature. I am writing from Rivers, Nigeria.


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