Three Poems from Aimee Selah | PAROUSIA Magazine

An Auroral Psalm

The heavens declare the glory
of God. The trees sway their arms
in a verdant hallelujah.
Cardinals and robins, kingfishers
and cranes warble their mighty hymns.
Evening raindrops linger
awakening incense from loamy soil;
rose and jasmine bloom divine
perfume. Butterflies tickle
the misty air, whispering with God’s
delight. It is good. It is good.

The earth is drenched with heavenly satisfaction.
The face of the great Compassionate
One smiles from dewy beads
clinging to each blade of grass.
Holy wings soar through sapphire
skies. The sun, flushed and passionate,
emerges from a sleepy chamber and races
across the heavens, pouring
lambent warmth on upturned faces.
Sacred psalms from saffron cirrus
proclaim a luminous liturgy, praising
the magnificence of the One
who breathed the world into being;
who breathed life and love into me.

I hear the footsteps of God
walking through my garden
in the cool of the morning.
A soft wind caresses my cheek
a holy whisper,
surely, I am with you always.
Hallelujah. It is good. It is good.


Irresistible, You are.
My heart answers Your luminous embrace
like a morning lily whose beauty blossoms
when kissed by the golden glow of dawn’s first smile.

I smile. I feel you are near.
I smile basking in your unfailingly Love—
a warm smile, like the glowing embers of a sunrise sky;
a smile that invites other smiles to naturally bloom.

The Promise Maker

As raindrops in sun showers catch
lambent rays and paint rainbows
across the sky, so do my tear drops
mingle with the sunshine
of my joy and paint vibrant
colors in the landscape of my life.

In sunshine and rain,
in my joy and in my pain,
I will cling to the Promise Maker.
He holds each tear in the palm of
His mighty and protective hand.
He paints beauty with the ashes of my sorrow.


Aimee Selah writes spiritual poetry to embolden souls on their quest to stretch their wings in God’s lambent grace and soar on the wings of hope; to encourage and empower God’s children to meet challenges with a fierce resolve, and to delight in Love offered by the Author of creation. Aimee Selah lives with her family in their cozy home nestled in sun-soaked hibiscus gardens in Gabon. Find more poems at


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