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Let there be Light!


I parted the lips of my curtain today,

& saw particles of voidness over the town;

News of chaos and confusion like a sweeping wind,

running riot in the desert

scattering pyramids of sand into open eyes,

Like what God saw in the beginning,

I saw testaments of fear written on the cheeks of people,

I saw jittery lips beneath face masks &

tattoos of entropy under latex gloves.

An invisible enemy sieged the land across borders,

Suspended in the arms of air we breathe in –

Threatening to snuff life of anybody that cannot hold their breath –

Dispersed on the wings of the winds

like dry crampy summer leaves subjected to the fury of flames.

Authorities say we should disperse like men at the tower of Babel,

They say divided we stand; united we fall,

They say we should unite to fight this viral ghost,

We must be united in traditions of solitude,

They preach new message of love,

“If you love your friend, you’ll stay away”.

That we should bear bottles of soap and sanitizer in our tearing palms,

And hide our feeble breaths under the cover of a mask.


I am human

& fear opens a door into more fears; overwhelming sea of fear,

But faith interrupts,

whispers into my ears,

points his finger into the shed in my closet,

Says “slip in into the shadow of the Almighty

With bended knees & folded hands,”

I’m teleported to a stage higher than the vision of the eyes,

How else do you defeat an enemy that lives in the droplets of air?

I bow at the shiny throne flowing with unceasing grace,

I command like God in the beginning:

Let there be light !












Full of Light.


Curtained by darkness

under the duvet of doom

& cloud of gloom,

Shielded from light,

Buried in the cave of sorrow.


Head bowed,

River of tears

soaked the pillow of life,

No paths seen ,

But the way to grave

through the tunnel of sniper.


Hope aroused

by the word of life,

Curtain of gloom parted,

Dawn arrived,

Eastern sun arose –

Full of light.




The Royal Proposal   


I am a branch from Adam’s vine;

My feet tiptoed in the path of my fathers.

I rolled in the mud of their sins

& swallowed my mother’s vomit.

The beauty of my body, charred in the oven of iniquity.


News filtered through the town,

That the Prince craved for a virgin wife.

He sought godly offsprings from the womb of flesh.


My heart wants a royal wedding.

But the voice of guilt rippled in my soul:

“Which bachelor will be betrothed to a maiden brutalized by men?”


The King’s square hosted a feast of heads & feet,

Each holding our skipping hearts in bare hands,

Expectations filled the chambers of our eyes,

For the revelation of a worthy bride.


While merry music sieged the air,

The Prince’s eyes scanned through the crowd.

His flowing regalia trailed his steps,

He stopped, stooped & handed me a stem of rose.


His soft lips perched on my cheeks & numbs it to shame.

His sweet voice tickled my eardrums:

“Rose is red, red is blood, blood is life. I spilled my blood for love.

 I drained my life for you & it was worthwhile.

I’ll paint you with glory more than a billion butterfly.”



Olaewe David Opeyemi

Olaewe David Opeyemi is a Nigerian medical doctor and writer. He interrogates his life experiences through writing which he also sees as a veritable instrument for personal and social metamorphosis. His works has been published by Parousia,Eboquills, BPPC, Selcouth Station, CLH and elsewhere. He’s winner of Dawn of Splendour Poetry contest (Nov.2019) and Shuzia creative writing contest (Dec.2019).
He writes from Birnin Kebbi, Northern Nigeria and active on Facebook @olaewedavidopeyemi.

2 thoughts on “Three Poems from Olaewe David Opeyemi | PAROUSIA Magazine

  1. Beautiful poems by Olaewe David Opeyemi !
    Lovely lines…
    While merry music sieged the air,
    The Prince’s eyes scanned through the crowd.
    His flowing regalia trailed his steps,
    He stopped, stooped & handed me a stem of rose.

    Thanks for sharing this lovely verse!

    Liked by 1 person

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