Three Poems from Jamie Parsley | PAROUSIA Magazine

shallow focus photography of sheep
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(after Bertold Brecht)

After these
dark times

will we
still sing?

Yes, we
will sing.

We will sing
loudly and clearly

about these
dark times.



Not the knife
or the wound
the knife makes

not the blood
the wound

not the agony
or the violent

It is only
this movement
before the offering

It is this
stillness, this

this gazing
into the unblinking

and the reflection
of myself
I find there

staring back



What exists,
what has survived the flames

and the gas-fueled

lies here now,

and pristine.
There is a rawness

to this clarity,
to this

precise and angular

which stands here
in this moment,

sharp as a freshly cut


JAMIE PARSLEY is the author of 13 books of poems and a collection of short fiction. Since 2004, he has been an Associate Poet Laureate for the State of North Dakota. An Episcopal priest, he serves as Rector of St. Stephen’s Episcopal Church, Fargo, ND.


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