A Poem from Victoria Crawford | PAROUSIA Magazine

adult autumn beauty blue
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com

Wash Day

I wash the dishes at the sink

scrub-a-dub old food and grease

plates and bowls and silverware clink
Ah, for a moment of peace

but daily duties call my name—

dishes! laundry! floors! without cease

grubby, my house bears no blame

months of hot wind and dusty pain

on my poor house laid claim

last night the Lord opened cloudy vein

my home and I rejoiced again

in a moment of peace

and  blessing of rain


Victoria Crawford

Short Bio–  Poet Victoria Crawford shares words to remind of us grace in difficult times.  She from California, but currently lives in Thailand where she is retired.  She has previous published in journals such as The Time of Singing, The Lyric, Braided Way, The Heart of Flesh, and here in Parousia.



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