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Author Name: Joseph S. Spence, Sr.
Book Title: Sincerely Speaking Spiritually
Publisher: WestBow Press (February 21, 2020)
Reviewed by: TLOP Reviewers Team
Print Length: 138 pages
Language: English
ASIN: B08591VHK7
Book link:  Amazon

Joseph S. Spence Sr. Book now available on Amazon

The introduction is written by Dr. Joseph Spence Sr., while the foreward is written by Reverend B. E. Coleman, Master of Divinity, Wisconsin Lutheran Seminary. Reverend B. E. Coleman is the enlightened Pastor of Siloah Lutheran Church and School, Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has held a variety of significant offices in his ministry with livened congregations, taught sequencing and uplifting subjects on God’s kingdom at numerous places, and is wildly recognized as a dedicated servant of God by all congregations which he has been a shining light with God’s words of grace. Reverend Coleman’s’ teaching and preaching definitely is a blessing from God to all he serves.”


— Stoianka Boianova and Minko Tanev, internationally acclaimed poets, Sofia, Bulgaria.
“Another poetry collection from one of the most passionate poets of all times. Joseph Spence Sr. is indeed brilliant in his navigation of spiritual poetry themes in biblical forms in an intricate way that stands as a signature for his readers; this is indeed a must read!”
— Balogun Iyanu, founder of the League of Poets and executive head of Teens Got Poetry, Lagos, Nigeria

“Joseph Spence’s new book, Sincerely Speaking Spiritually, is a revelation! His unique style of poetry writing, using pin sonnets and septolets, gives his poetic prayers resonance and depth. His unique navigation of spiritual poetry themes in biblical form are a modern-day book of Psalms, in which he gives praise to our Creator for His blessings while, at the same time, laying at His feet our needs, desires, and concerns for a troubled world and nation that only He can restore. I highly recommend this book of poetry. It should be included with daily meditation, scripture reading and prayer!”
— Thomas E. Mitchell Jr., journalist and editor of the Milwaukee Community Journal, Milwaukee’s largest Africa American newspaper

Book Review:

Poetry is musical tambourine, all it takes to gravitate it’s beat is to change its emotion, it’s theme. Poetry is a saber-toothed tiger that can leap at any soul and a delicate ephemeral emotion that can heal every soul. Poetry has been defined through out ages by poets from different walks of life from their own perceptions, thoughts, inclinations and view of life.
In his book “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually” Dr. Joseph Spence Sr. linked poetry to the spiritual. To a term popularly categorized as “Spiritual Poetry”. With it’s five (5) basic bifurcations wherein the first four (4) parts deal with emphasis on a particular form of poetry and various poems while the 5th part is a glossary of the origin, type, format etc of all the forms of poetry. The author also included “Epulaeru” poetry style, his self invented style of poetry, in the book.

When psychophysiology, neuroimaging and behavioral responses are used, humans show that recited poetry can act as a powerful, pivotal and great stimulus for eliciting peak emotional responses, including chills and objectively measurable goosebumps that engage the primary reward circuitry. Dr. Spence Sr poems have been crafted powerful enough to impact emotional and positive thoughts to the hearts of a reader. This positive emotional response begins with the books cover and the meaning it entails. The truth in the message he passes along to the reader can be caught in picture on the book cover and eternally in words within the pages of the book.

In the brief foreword by Rev. Brady E. Coleman, he prays the book not only offer itself as a light to illuminate the readers mind but to as well ignite the readers mind in a moment of refreshment and revival, the introductory part also saw a charge for poetic prayers and a call to the human world to forgo what as tweaked in the eyes of their mind, to forgo the chase of material want and seek God first.
As we know it, the root of “spirit” is the Latin spirare, to breathe. Whatever lives on the breath, then, must have its spiritual dimension— this includes all poetry books, all verses and all poems “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually” is an evidence, spiritual books are books meant to heal us from within. Here Dr. Spence Sr. writes in free verse, seldom writes in iambic pentameter yet from the pages of this collection poems like “your time has come” and the eponymous poem title “Sincerely Speaking Spiritually” are some of the inspirationally motivated spiritual poems bulked in this collection to empower the minds and life of many who believed in the way of the light.

We believe the poems in this collection will intrigue the readers mind, refine his or her view of life in a much broader perspective and sharpen his or her conceptual skill. The vitality of Dr. Spence’s literary culture has been demonstrated by this collection, rich diversity of forms and techniques as well as poems with biblical scriptural backings which will lodge in readers’ memories many years to come.

Jospeh Spencer

About the Author

Dr. Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of nine poetry books and a series of peer reviewed-published poetic papers on various international peer reviewed multilingual mediums. He served as a United States Army commissioned officer of twenty-six years honorable service, and also as a lay minister with designated military Chaplains. He holds several degrees, including one in divinity from Faith Theological Seminary. He is currently a member of Siloah Evangelical Lutheran Church in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

PS: This review was first publshed on The League of Poets


2 thoughts on “Review of Sincerely Speaking Spiritual by Joseph S. Spence, Sr | Book Review | PAROUSIA Magazine

  1. Sharing my short review of the Book ‘Sincerely Speaking Spiritually’ published in a highly reputed literary ejournal BOOK  – SINCERELY SPEAKING SPIRITUALLYPOET: Dr.Joseph S Spence REVIEWER: Giti Tyagi

      Appreciating  the Book ‘Sincerely Speaking Spiritually’ byHis Excellency, Dr. Amb. Prof. Joseph S Spence, the editor of Milwaukee CommunityJournal Thomas E. Mitchell opines ‘Dr. Spence’s new book is arevelation.’

      About the Poet:

    His Excellency, Dr. Amb. Prof. JosephS Spence Sr., author of several poetry books, studied English Literature andCreative Writing at the University of Wisconsin and University of MarylandGlobal Campus. He is the featured poet on various poetic forums and hasreceived numerous awards for his eclectic writing skills. He is a member ofGolden Key International Honour Society, Ambassador of Peace Human Rights andWorld Diplomacy, Ambassador de Literature and Global Icon of Humanity andSpiritual Services.


    Order of William Shakespeare Medal, Living Legend of the 21st Century,Master of Poetic Impulse, Literary Gold Badge Award, Noble Star for LiteratureAward, Poetry Bard Award, Who’s Who in Poetry, World friendship Poet Award andseveral other accolades.

    About the Book:

    Appreciating the book ‘SincerelySpeaking Spiritually’, the internationally acclaimed Bulgarian poet, StoiankaBoianova says:

    “Poetry with biblical sounding andfantastic flight of thoughts, inspired from the highest places, dictated as ifby God.”

    Dr. Spence dedicates the book fondlyto his parents and the humble writers of ethics and integrity for worldwideliterature. In the Foreword, the Award winning author and Honourable Presidentof World United Writers Union, Shiju H. Pallithazheth writes:

    “The book gives the reader a completeform of preparedness to live ideally and morally fed. Literature, being aDivine art, needs periodic accumulation of trends and forms in order tomaintain the shine on its enameled presentation. The author is sufficiently equippedto mesmerize the mass readers.”

    The beautiful verses are divided intofive sections: Section 1: Regular Spiritual PoeticForms Section 2: Poetic Prayer Forms Section 3: Invented Short spiritualPoetic Forms Section 4: Epulaeryu Poems Section 5: Spiritual Poetic FormsGlossary

    The book encompasses the existence ofmankind in living and loving one another and commences with a love filledmessage for the humanity:

    ‘Don’t forget to pray without ceasing,stay encouraged, be strong, inspired, ingenious, resilient and God’s blessingsalways!’ …………………………………………………………………… GITI TYAGIM.A. (English), M.Ed, UGC-NET,Editor, Creative Artist, Writer, Poetess, ReviewerFormer Senior LecturerMM University, Ambala, IndiaEducational ConsultantKARNAL, INDIA……………………………………………………………………….


  2. Thanks for sharing this beautiful review of HE Joseph S Spence Sir’s book’ Sincerely Speaking Spiritually!

    …………………………………………………………………….GITI TYAGIM.A. (English), M.Ed, UGC-NET,Editor, Creative Artist, Writer, Poetess, ReviewerFormer Senior LecturerMM University, Ambala, IndiaEducational ConsultantKARNAL, INDIA……………………………………………………………………….


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