The African Diaspora Revelation And Chinese Xenophobic Actions! by Joseph S. Spence, Sr | Article | PAROUSIA Magazine


The African Diaspora Revelation And Chinese Xenophobic Actions! Parousia Magazine

The African Diaspora Revelation And Chinese Xenophobic Actions!
Ambassador of Humanity, Goodwill, Human Rights & Diplomacy Response!


Greeting my dear brothers and sister. Today, I am fulfilling one of my duties as an Ambassador of Human Rights, World Peace, Goodwill, Diplomacy, and Humanity, by representing people across the spectrum, and speaking out against China’s xenophobic actions consisting of: discrimination, bigotry, injustice, racism, hate, biased actions, dictatorialism, hostility, lying tongues, prejudice, unfairness, deplorable acts, narrow-mindedness, intolerance, dogmatism and the like, perpetuated by the Chinese, against people of color and others across the spectrum. I pray that each of you are doing well in this coronavirus pandemic coming from Wuhan, Chinese. Normally over the past week, I would have written many poems; however, I was focused on research and writing on the above-stated issues. I am publishing this message for you to read instead, regarding the xenophobic actions of the Chinese people as stated above, and in continuation of their deceptive enhancements in carrying out such devious actions against the African Diaspora and others across the spectrum of worldwide humanity.
Source: Definition of African Diaspora.” Chic African Culture, 2018. April 18.  

Based on recent reading of various articles, developments, and watching news headlines, I have noticed the increasing controversy between the African Diaspora, and the Chinese people. The Chinese xenophobic actions are more disgusting, and reached a heighten level of which many have classified as “Divisive Racial Discrimination.” Many find this not surprising regarding the Chinese views and opinions of the African Diaspora and people of color, whom they consider themselves above, and beneath their level of existence.
Chinese consider themselves as white. They are not! They even look down on their own people with dark completions and consider them poor, as they do worldwide humanity with people of color. They are yellow in color, and are like the yellow river in their country. It does not even compare to the classic Nile River in Africa, on which I have traveled before from Cairo’ Egypt to Alexandria. The yellow river is called the “River of Chinese’s Sorrow.” I have stood on its banks, observed its flow, and asked many questions to enhance my knowledge. It’s dirty, polluted, and unsafe. It’s the most dangerous and destructive river in the world. That’s the symbology and essence of Chines people. Their minds are dirty, polluted and destructive to themselves and humanity. They are yellow in color, mind, thoughts and deed, just like a yellow-bellied person.

Chinese Xenophobic Actions

The recent actions of the Chinese, by evicting Africans from their residence in the city of Guangzhou, China (“Little Africa”), and restricting them from eating in local restaurants, even McDonalds, fast food/junk food restaurant, have certainly increased the flames of controversy, and xenophobia toward the African Diaspora. Those evicted, had to walked the streets, slept under bridges, stayed in the disgusting weather without shelter, and suffered embarrassment from the Chinese, without any care for their welfare. There were even pregnant women, and babies included in the numbers of evicted Africans on the streets going days without food. This is very devastating to the welfare of humanity and is the practice of Chinese xenophobia.
Source: American Heritage® Dictionary of the English Language, Fifth Edition. Copyright © 2016 by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company. Published by Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Publishing Company.

The Chinese used a fabricated false claim of protecting themselves against coronavirus to justified their actions. Coronavirus, started by them, in their country, from their culture, and by their own people, of which the African Diaspora had nothing to do with, became victims, and are now being victimized again, which is a double slap in their faces. People from the African Diaspora died from coronavirus. Over 2.6 million people affected worldwide, and over 183,000 died worldwide from coronavirus, created by China, yet the Chinese were never evicted, and never had to live on the streets of China, like the innocent Africans were from “Little Africa” their own neighborhood, in China. When the U. S. Consulate warned Americans to avoid places and cities terrorizing Black people, the Chinese responded with a boldface lie, by stating they don’t do such practices against their “African brothers,” despite a mountain of evidence against them for their xenophobic practice.
1: Su, Alice.” ‘No Blacks’: Evicted, Harassed and Targeted in China for Their Race amid Coronavirus.” Los Angeles Times, 2020. April 16.
2) Kumar, Anugrah. “US Consulate Warns Americans to Avoid Chinese City Terrorizing Black People.” The Christian Post, 2020. April 18.

The Chinese were placed under lock-down and treated diligently and with decency for coronavirus; yet, the Africans were not. They were “Locked Out” and left out on the street, in deplorable conditions with no food or shelter. They were left outside to die in a country, where they worked for many years, without any consideration for their welfare, as the Chinese people were afforded. The is truly a xenophobic state of deplorable actions against worldwide humanity.
The U. S. Embassy, placed a security alert, stating “Chinese police ordered bars and restaurants not to serve clients who appear to be of African origin.” Additionally, African Americans reported Chinese businesses and hotels refusing to do business with them. The U.S. then published another statement titled, “Discrimination against African-Americans in Guangzhou, China.” Chinese police and public health official erroneously reported 300,000 black people in Guangzhou (Little Africa), were setting off a second epidemic which caused panic.” Also, the news requested “China should apologize for – and admit — to its discriminatory policies against African communities.” That was not done by the Chinese!
Source: The Diplomat News, April 14, 2020.

African embassies, numerous African nations, and the African Union, blasted the xenophobic actions against their people by China, with strong language such as, “Undiplomatic and inhumane.” They requested, “Immediate actions to safeguard legitimate rights of Africans concerned, urged extreme caution to the Chinese that racist actions against their citizens wouldn’t be tolerated, they’re upset about what is going on with the continuous condemnation, disturbing, and humiliating experiences African citizens are subjected to.” The news continued, “This affair is a high profiled and a wide spread clash of positions erupting in front of the world.” Additionally, it stated, “The racism and discrimination against African migrants and residents are shocking to the world and damaging for China’s policy agenda, and future Africa-China relations.”
Source: Africa In Focus, April 17, 2020.

Winnie Zhong Feifei, famous African-Chinese 24-year old personality, with a Congolese father and Chinese mother, received “Racist Attacks Online.” She is the star of “Produce 2020.” Her show is a spin-off from the popular South Korean K-Pop Reality Show “Produce 101.” She speaks Chinese, English, Swahili, and French, and graduated from Boston University. God is on her side! Now the xenophobic Chinese are trying to stop her progress from positively impacting worldwide humanity. There are also other Africa-Chinese stars who received xenophobic racial slurs online.
Source: General, Ryan. “African-Chinese Idol Show Contestant Targeted by Racist Attacks Online.” Net Shark, 2020. April 20.

The real deal is this, the Chinese don’t want females going out with Africans. Normally, when that takes place, the deal is signed between them before the night is over. The Africans have romantic dialectic languages mixed with Chinese phrases, treat the ladies royally, have her clinging to them, and the deal is done. They treat the ladies better than other Chinese fellows, and she falls in love with him, while he showers her with blessings. Then the problems start. The Chinese people don’t like it. They try to convince the female she should leave the man, and the relationship is wrong. Chinese xenophobia is now spewing hate and fear. They don’t want any half-African, half-Chinese grandchildren. They don’t see a sweet loving child from God coming into the world. They only they see a problem.
I predict, the Chinese will lose the battle eventually. Give it time. They will not win. The wall is crumbling. The ladies may marry any African brother, they fall in love with from “Little Africa.” The Chinese also started a campaign advocating that African men are full of HIV/Aids and Ebola virus. If that were true, all the Chinese girl would have it already. It’s just xenophobic propaganda. Africans in China, attending a university or running a business with their Chinese wives, are functioning at the “High Self Esteem Level” of Maslow Hierarchy of Needs, while the Chinese fellows, are functioning on the bottom rung of “Basic and Psychological Needs.” Africans have the motivations to achieve.
At times the passports and visas of Africans are arbitrarily confiscated and suspended on the spot by the police to get them out of China for no reason. Some have to travel to Hong Kong and stay for a while to get a new passport and visa. Some children are denied medical treatment and schooling on mainland China, and are excluded from social gatherings. This is big time xenophobia at play. Mainland Chinese stay away from Little Africa, and refused to socialize with the people there. There are cases where grandparents of Chinese-African, babysitting their children, try to turn the children against their fathers while their parents are at work.
The Chinese are certainly not treating the Russians, coming across the border into China on a daily basis with coronavirus ailments, the same as they are treating “People of Color in China.” Naturally, they are both communist and are in bed covered up with each other. Their psychology, physiology, and philosophy are the same, and are absolutely different from what they think about “People of Color.” They are not afforded the same friendship as the Russians.
Source: Simmons, Ann M. “African Migrants in Russia Describe ‘hell on Earth.’” Los Angeles Times, 2014. November 2.

Organ Harvesting in China

Most Africans are either Christian or Islam; therefore, anyway they turn, they are subjects to the Chinese Gestapo terroristical xenophobic campaign. First, Chinese considers Christianity and other religions as superstition, which they persecute daily just like Rome (who crucified Christ) and the Byzantine Empires centuries ago. Secondly, there are millions of Islamic people in Chinese prisons, just like Pharaoh had the Israelite in captivity. They are killed every day, and their body parts sold to the higher bidder to be used as transplanted organs. Therefore, African are facing a two-edged machete in their quest for survival with the xenophobic Chinese.
Source: Doffman, Zak. “China Killing Muslim Prisoners To Harvest ‘Halal’ Organs For Rich Saudis.” CCN, 2020. January 26.

It’s incredible to note that the Chinese are harvesting body parts from Islamic people incarcerated in China. Source: (Business Insider, September 2019). Sir Geoffrey Nice, Queen’s Counsel, and Prosecutor for the International Criminal Tribunal, who led the case against, Yugoslavia Slobodan Milosevic, argued first hand evidence from human rights investigators, medical experts, and witnesses in early 2020, regarding body parts harvesting practices by China. Furthermore, Attorney-at-Law, Hamid Sabi, also presented findings to an Independent Tribunal, regarding forced organ harvesting during 2020 by China. Some body parts are even removed from the person while still alive. Such a devious act of transgressions on humanity, and mutilation which is forbidden in any religion, even Islam itself. The Chinese, claimed to have stopped the practice of genocide in September 2015; however, The United Nation Human Rights Commission has proven such to be false.
1. The Independent, 24 September 2019.
2. Business Insider September 25, 2019.

Chinese Eating of Human Flesh and Creepy Animals

There have also been reports of Chinese, eating human flesh which they considered, “An Art Form.” One must wonder what happens to the corpse of the Muslim people who had their body parts extracted in China, once the body parts has been removed for sale. Note that acts of Chinese cannibalism have been reported before. Sources:
1. Washington Times, December 31, 2104.
2. Robinson, Julian. “Chinese Restaurant Is Accused of Serving Human FEET to Diners in Italy after Gruesome Image of Rotting Flesh Is Posted Online by a Waiter.” The Daily Mail, 2020. April 23.

Many years ago, I went on several Caribbean cruise with friends. The trips were excellent and the people there were inspiring. They called us brothers and sister, welcome us to their islands, and were very hospitable. They arranged excursions, took us to cultural events, restaurants with delicious delicacies, and interesting night life cultural performances. They did not take us to any Chinese establishments. They explained about their lack of cleanliness and the type of food they eat, and how they have failed many health inspections; therefore, the people don’t go to their restaurants.
Source: Thompson, Billie. “Revolting Footage Shows Chinese Woman Eating a Whole Bat at a Fancy Restaurant as Scientists Link the Deadly Coronavirus to the Flying Mammals.” The Daily Mail, 2020. April 23.

The people of New York, also have some very devastating words about the type of food the Chinese people eat, such as their dogs disappearing, and the closing of their restaurants by health inspectors and the police.

The people in Jamaica, West Indies, also stated, the Chinese pay local people to catch some of the most disgusting creatures crawling the earth, for them to cook, and sell to customers. As a result, the only people eating in their restaurants are other Chinese. They also elaborated how health inspectors keep closing down their restaurants for uncleanliness. Upon returning to America, people I knew only ate at American restaurants, especially African Americans. Based on discussions, I do not know of anyone from the African Diaspora working for any Chinese restaurant, and vice versa, or eat their food.
The coronavirus pandemic brings such memory back to mind. The thought of eating these creepy and disgusting creatures, which started the coronavirus pandemic is very sickening. It started with the Chinese in Wuhan, China (President Trump has it classified correctly), where the manufacturing of such types of food is purchased in local markets for meals. The African people had nothing to do with the crisis or coronavirus pandemic, yet they are feeling the end of the stick as a result as being “Coronavirus Pandemic Scapegoats.”
Source: (Givetash, Linda, Matteo Moschella, and Leou Chen. “China Accused of Discriminating against Africans as Part of Coronavirus Fight.” NBC News, 2020. April 20.

Chinese Xenophobia Against Religion

Years ago, I traveled to China with my youngest son. He was a violinist with the orchestra at his school. They went to China on an apparent cultural program to play at certain venues. They also played on the Great Wall of China. During the tour, I found the Chinese people to be very stand-off-ish, and self-centered. They would not speak to us and were even hesitant to respond even when spoken to. Such a demeaning lack of common courtesy to others.
Based on my observation one Sunday morning, I noticed the streets were just as busy on Monday morning in Time Square, New York. I asked the tour guide, “Where are the churches of worship, and don’t these people go to worship services?” Her response was, “The Chairman does not believe in superstition, and doesn’t want the population believing in superstition either. He wants it eradicated from China.” Then Romans and Byzantines empires practiced the same when they tried to concur the world. Where are they now. The hand writings are on the wall.
Chinese Government Accused of Burning Crosses in Christian Crackdown.” CBS News, 2016. March 10.

Her words hit me like a ton of bricks falling on my shoulders. Fortunately, I was able to step out the way and let them hit the pavement, without any thunder. To my delight, it started raining and the dust and remnants from the crashing devil’s bricks were washed away! The Chinese Jackboots Gestapo, also recently raided the homes of Christians, and arrested many for using Zoom Video communication online systems to hold spiritual service. As a result, the persecution continues!
Source: The Christian Post, April 18, 2020.

While in China, we were told for security purposes, not to eat at any restaurants other than the ones on the tour. The reasons were also explained, which were disgusting. We were advised not to wonder off, and stay with the group. I became ill on the fifth day of the tour, and did not recover until returning home and receiving medical attention in America. I made myself a promise, “I will never visit China again!” Many are in agreement with me. The Chinese toilets, except at certain hotels, consisted of a nasty looking hole in the ground, around twelve inches wide, where you have to squat down to relieve yourself, and there was no sanitation. A Chinese person at times, was sitting there selling sheets of toilet paper if you did not bring your own. It wasn’t even enough to adequately cleanse yourself, and you better have the correct change you would get nothing back.

Chinese Xenophobia And Deception Towards Americans

Some time ago I visited Chicago, Illinois, to see the sites and have fun. My dear friend convinced me to visit China town. Reluctantly I complied. We decided to find a nice evening robe for her, and went into several Chinese stores. Upon exiting one store, we observed the filtering of police in the area. Having been a law enforcement officer before, I approached one, shocked his hand, and asked, “Where could I find a nice evening robe for my dear friend?” He responded, “These people are very small, I don’t think you will find one here.” I smiled and said “Thank you very much, I have noticed the difference already.” My friend and I had a very intellectual discussion on the way back to Wisconsin regarding the event, and the lack of common courtesy displayed in the Chinese stores toward us. The bottom line was, “We don’t want you nor your money here!”
After returning home, I found an African store, several day later, with some of the most exquisite evenings gowns for females. Interestingly, the lady running the store was the wife of one of my business management students from Milwaukee Area Technical College, where I thought principles of business and management. She recalled my name, which her husband discussed with her about me as his business professor, when I gave her my card. Do you see a remarkable difference with the essence of such a beautiful transaction in Milwaukee, as in relation to China town in Chicago?
During 2017, a devastating controversy started in Wisconsin, between the Chinese and the people of Wisconsin, regarding a factory they were supposed to be built. One of the deals was the offering of 13,000 jobs to Wisconsin residents. Along the way, many residents sold their homes and land for the business to be built. Wisconsin even offered $4.1 billion in subsidy to the Chinese. The “bait and switch” deal never materialized into the “Eight wonder of the world” as President Trump said it would, during the groundbreaking ceremony in Wisconsin. The Chinese want to bring their own people from China to America to fill the jobs, in total opposition from the stated agreement. Now, people are very pissed-off about the selling their homes and land. This is a kick in the head to the people of Wisconsin from the deceptive Chinese.
Source:, Technology Company Foxconn Rethinking Its $10 Billion Wisconsin Factory Amid Trump’s China Trade War, January 30, 2019.

Recently, Wisconsin State Senate started drafting a 2019 Senate Resolution named, “Condemnation Resolution” against the Chinese Communist Party for intentionally and deliberately misleading the world (para 15), withholding critical information about the Wuhan Coronavirus (The right classification by the Wisconsin Senate), and suppression of vital information to the world (para 16), allowing the world to suffer as a result of misinformation, and misleading WHO in the wrong direction to side with their version of events. The Chinese, however, sent an email via Yahoo, to Wisconsin State Senate, stating they want a “Wisconsin Senate Commendation” for their great actions. No one believed the email was from China, and where it was originated from. No response was made to the Yahoo email. Later, the Chinese stated Yahoo mail is normally used by them, to expedite actions, and Wisconsin State Senate was stalling. The, they actually drafted their own resolution, for “Commendation,” not “Condemnation,” with their own language, for the Wisconsin State Senate to approve giving them praise, and for Wisconsin to work closely with WHO in solving the crisis. The nerves of those Chinese people trying to manipulate, Wisconsin State Senate with deceptive xenophobic actions, to cover their tracks regarding coronavirus origination and devastating pandemic. Source: Maclver Institute, April 2, 2020.

Chinese Espionage Ring In America

The Justice Department, announced on April 7, 2020, the arrest of Dr. Charles Lieber, chair of Harvard University Chemistry Department, on federal charges of smuggling vials of biological material out of America to China. The complaint against him alleges he lied to federal agents about his affiliation with Wuhan University, China. He was arrested along with two Chinese operatives on espionage charges. One of the spies, Yanqing Ye, was a lieutenant in the Chinese People Liberation Army. She also lied on her visa application, and was working at a biological lab at Boston University. She also used U. S. Military websites, and send documents to China. Zaosong Zheng, was also indicted on smuggling charges of 21 vials of biological material out of the U. S. in his socks, also lied to federal investigators. He was sponsored into the U. S. by Harvard University. Dr. Lieber, was being paid $50,000 each month by the Chinese, and also received $150,000 in living expenses. He was also paid $1.5 million for establishing a chemical lab in China. Additionally, he was receiving grants from the U. S. Department of Defense, and the National Institute of Health at the same time. Lieber is out of custody on a $1 million bond. Many have been arrested, and prosecuted for espionage, under the “China Initiative Program” launched by the Justice Department during 2018 to crack down on the transfer of U.S. knowledge to China.
1. (CNN Politics, Harvard professor among three charged with lying about Chinese government ties, January 28, 2020), (NPR, Arrest Raises Questions About Scientific Openness, February 19, 2020), and (Phillips, Kristine. “DOJ: Harvard University Professor Lied about Work for the Chinese Government.”
2. USA Today Washington DC, 2020. January 28.


Finally, one is able to visualize the vast chasm of xenophobiatic despair, deception, exploitation, and manipulation existing, not only against the African Diaspora by the Chinese people. It’s also impacting worldwide humanity across the spectrum. Let’s ask ourselves, “Will there ever be peace and unity, when the gap continues to widen, especially in this era of coronavirus pandemic, as more developments regarding Chinese xenophobic controversy, deception, discrimination, persecution of others, and exploitation, continue to fan and intensify the flames of the fire, like the blazing furnace, which Shadrach, Meshach, and Abednego were cast into by soldiers on King Nebuchadnezzar of Babylon?
Source: (Daniel 3 KJV).

Have an awesome day, don’t forget to pray, stay encouraged, inspired, ingenious, resilient, and blessed always!

Jospeh Spencer
His Excellency, Dr. Amb. Prof. Joseph S. Spence, Sr. USA. (Epulaeryu Master)!
Multi-Genre Award-Winning Poet, Man of God, Global Icon of Humanity and Spiritual Services, Global Chair Advisor for Global Literary Society-India, World Peace Ambassador of Human Rights, Humanity, and Diplomacy, India’s Praṇāma, Eloquent Book Reviewer, Effective Academician, Chief Advisor World Parliament of English Literature-India, Stellar Article Writer, and “Lead The Change” Community Advocate!


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