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forgive them luke 23 34



Soul-stirring words piercing heart,
Unrelenting acts ruthlessly tearing apart,
Shattered trust as the broken glass,
Beloved relations that intentionally harass!

The loving heart when wrongfully hurt,
Abuses hurled, words spoken curt,
Hatred animosity through the environs traverse,
Entangled being, defeated by forces adverse!

Directionless path as a rudderless boat sailed,
Malevolent vicious venom all around hailed,
Troubled perturbed distressed bothered,
When surrounded by bestial humans forgathered!

Revenge nor anger yet claims the gentle heart,
Conflict nor indecision, dubiety nor incertitude,
Passionate love, compassion galore,
Clemency mercy the conscience adores!

Nor blinded by hatred, nor enmity enshrouds,
The ignorance dissipates, forgiveness well-endowed,
Illumined heart as a silvery tint hue,
Forgive them, O Lord, for they know not what they do!


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Giti Tyagi is an editor, panel reviewer, creative artist, poetess and short story writer from India. She is a former Senior Lecturer, who won The Best Innovative Teacher Award, at MM University, Ambala, India. Her stories, articles and poems have been published in reputed literary magazines, journals and websites- ‘Muse India’, ‘The Call Beyond’, ‘Writersgram’, ‘Zorba’; journals of international fame- ‘The International Poetry Digest’, ‘The Nightingale Poetry Journal’. Her much appreciated poems have won hearts and several poetry competitions. She was honoured by the management of Sri Aurobindo Society, India in 2019 for her contributions in the literary world.


One thought on “A Poem from Giti Tyagi | PAROUSIA Magazine

  1. Dear Editor

    Many many thanks to you and Parousia Magazine for publishing my poem ‘Forgive Them O Lord’ today on April 28, 2020.

    I am grateful to you for considering my work and publishing it in your reputed magazine.

    Thanks and regards

    Giti Tyagi Editor, Creative Artist, Writer, Poetess, Reviewer Former Senior Lecturer MM University, Ambala, India Educational Consultant KARNAL, INDIA

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