Two Poems from Adaobi Chilekezi | PAROUSIA Magazine


His impact

It happened
And again it happened
Just like the breaks of new day
And again and again

I followed
Not to be alone left
But following, is not enough
To join, I have to be

It went on and on
Like the constant follow
Of the river, which
Does not cease to follow

Here I met Him
And my life anew
It becomes, changed …
And made know: He is with me


My love
Just when I thought it over
I found Him, my savior and lover
One who always ‘ll be for me
Even at moments of fear

My invicible lover
My supreme being
And He lives in me
And inspires me to fly

He’s always my side be
Because His bride I’m
Oh my redeemer and comforter
He that makes me whole again and again


Adaobi Chilekezi is fifteen years old and a final year student in a secondary school in Lagos, Nigeria. Her poems has been published and she would like to be a linguist in future.


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