Two Poems from Suranjit Gain | PAROUSIA Magazine

Jesus Christ

Most respected Jesus Christ
is the father of religion.
Mediator of love and humanity;
the best dignified personality.
Beloved Christ is
the supreme mark of sacrifice.
The ideal of the Christian
as well the all moralities.
Dearest Jesus comes
from heaven to the earth
to establish universal love.
To expose religious manner.
He is more generous than
the immense space;
his attachment is deeper than ocean.
Unfurled divine splendor
of Christ confounds
the magnificent statuary.


If thou are a Christian;
please go to the church.
The sacred place of lord;
pray morning and evening.
Obey the truth;
carry out obligations.
Follow the way of Christ;
to be happy certainly.
Announce the speech of peace;
love whole the world.
Remember dearest Jesus;
bring about blessing of god for us.
Recite the holy Bible;
dedicate to lord thyself.





Suranjit Gain
Born on 8 October in 1984.
Khulna district in Bangladesh.
Mother Lila Gain. Father Tapan Gain.
Educated from Bangladesh and India. Congratulated by the universe in literature.


One thought on “Two Poems from Suranjit Gain | PAROUSIA Magazine

  1. Beautiful poems Suranjit!
    Every word of the poems is filled with faith and trust!

    Beautiful lines…

    “He is more generous than the immense space “


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