Balm by Victoria Crawford | Poetry | PAROUSIA Magazine

dance in the rain



Jagged glass shards
shedding their twinkle slivers
crystals of dust
lacerating callused soles,
dry air, hard air slicing skin
dogs panting hot season gasps
beyond even the embrocation
of balm Mary Magdalene
rubbed over the feet of Jesus

Rain patters on metal roof,
unheard, unnoticed until
I wake
into cloud-shadowed morning
air mild on my cheeks
sultry hints
of fresh day, fresh season
grateful for granted grace

Victoria Crawford

Short Bio–  Poet Victoria Crawford shares words to remind of us grace in difficult times.  She from California, but currently lives in Thailand where she is retired.  She has previous published in journals such as The Time of Singing, The Lyric, Braided Way, The Heart of Flesh, and here in Parousia.



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