The Psalter | PAROUSIA Magazine

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For thou, O Lord, art good and kind,
and ready to forgive thou art;
abundant mercy they shall find

who call on thee with all their heart.

O Lord, incline thine ear to me,
my voice of supplication heed;
in trouble I will cry to thee,
for thou wilt answer when I plead.

There is not God but thee alone,
nor works like thine, O Lord Most High;
all nations shall surround thy throne
and their Creator glorify.

In all thy deeds how great thou art!
Thou one true God, thy way make clear;
teach me with undivided heart
to trust thy truth, thy name to fear.

Psalm 86:11-11, 1912; Griffin Hugh Jones, 1849-1919

Source: Collection Poems Stir Heart Believer Prayer –


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