A Poem from SABUJ SARKAR | He is Risen Issue 11 | PAROUSIA Magazine


Most benevolent is He, 

And the rigid one;
An alert eye, motionless and fixed
As the wings of the Himalayas.
He sees, He puts his childs in work
He loves to see them work like Men.
Most benevolent is He,
And the rigid one. 
Oblivious were they, waddled in murk and mud
Deluge came unknowingly and put them
All in a world where no mortal can reach
Till one holy soul came with a barge 
And save the chain of birth.
He loves to put them in tests,
And judge them unknowingly
Most benevolent is He,
And the rigid one.
In that afternoon of Golgatha
After the setting of the Sun, 
After the tears and wailing in the cave
Rose He. From known to the unknown,
Chequered visions, could foresee
Through the ethereal lights of glow
Amidst pain and joy, sweet sweat
For men on earth. 
Time will only say,
If fire might come, or as an 
Invisible foe, beyond the lens of microscope
Hit one down and will make the garden
Of life barren; withered smiles
Before the lips touch the polished
Surface of the cup, till those
Visionary eyes rise again, uplift
Those in pain, feeble in fear
And in a deep wait with joined palms
For the Holy rise. 
SABUJ SARKAR hails from the “valley of Mangoes”, Malda and in the vicinity of the ancient city “Gour”, Sabuj Sarkar teaches English at the University of Gour Banga, Malda, West Bengal, India. Writing poetry is his passion. His edited poetry anthology in Bengali, JAWALADARCHI will be published in 2020. He can be reached at: sabuj.ugb@gmail.com.

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