A Poem from Olatubosun David | He is Risen Issue 11 | PAROUSIA Magazine

I Fear No More

I fear no more
For death gives forever life
In death, life is known
But without death I’m dead

Death is no death since it bears the life
But to live is death if I fear to die

Life, there is in a cross gently born
In painful patience and meekness
In rugged road to Golgotha
Perfecting redemption of man

Life there is in blood that dripped out of head
Adorned with thorn and thistle,
Hands and legs nailed to the cross
And in water that spurted out of side
Punctured with weapon of the cruel guard

Now He lives and dies no more
That life may be portioned to the living dead
Who lives in His death to death
He lives and works in my mortal body
To rescue my poor soul from the grip of death

The vault is empty
This is my confidence
Shame to death and its sting

He is risen!


olatunbosun david



Olatubosun David is a Nigeria writer and poet. A graduate of Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, Ondo State (2013), currently works in Achievers University, Owo. Ondo-State, Nigeria. He is on Twitter @davidolatubosun. 


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