A Poem from Mark Jodon | He is Risen Issue 11 | PAROUSIA Magazine

A Thousand Resurrections

A thousand resurrections all around us yet
we do not see any of them.  We spend our days
looking for the dead, looking for what was,
searching for tombs with our quarantined hearts. 

Where is the angel who will shake us from our sleep?
Where is the angel who will pull back the covers
of our darkness, empty our beds of sadness
and send us out into this new morning

filled with hope that we will seek and we will
find what is alive and risen, not just in the world
around us, but also in the kingdom within us,
where we will experience the greatest joy

of suddenly hearing our names spoken with love
in this holy and sacred place.


Mark Jodon


Mark Jodon is a contemplative poet in Houston, Texas.  He is an Iconoclast Artist and the author of “Day of the Speckled Trout” (Transcendent Zero Press).  Mark worships at Chapelwood United Methodist Church and serves as a lay leader in its Center for Spirituality.


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