A Poem from Kris Meucci Jodon | He is Risen Issue 11 | PAROUSIA Magazine


O Lord, In Love


O Lord, in love

you created us,

watched over us,

tried to lead us.


O Lord, in love

you came to us

to teach us your ways,

to teach us your love.


O Lord, in love

you died for us,



wrestling with wonder,

with grief,

               with hope.


O Lord, in love

you come to us,

you live in us,

you try to lead us,

       you save us.


O Lord, in love.





Kris Meucci Jodon is a creator working in visual arts and writing in Houston, Texas.  She is an artist in the Holy Family HTX 2020 Artists’ Collective. She worships at Chapelwood UMC in the Contemplative Community and works part-time as the church librarian in Grow Ministry.

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