A Poem from Justin Jones | He is Risen Issue 11 | PAROUSIA Magazine



Easter (what happened, what it meant)

The risen dead no common thing
Features in life of great God king
No flame so snuffed, or flicker stilled
Be breathed again unless God willed.

A stone had sealed his death complete
Devils had claimed his holy seat
But with a roar of mighty quake
God’s power stirred the sleep awake.

It was the third inside the tomb
Ladies anoint him with perfume
They came now since Sabbath had passed
And there they stood complete aghast.

No stone, no dead the ladies saw
And just a cloth upon a floor
They gazed, wondered at what it meant
He then appeared Jehovah sent.

A messenger declaring news
About Jesus who does not lose
He that was dead is dead no more
Now under grace not under law.

It thus so pleased the heavenly host
Witnessed your strength O Holy Ghost
For great is God’s arisen son
Because the vict’ries he has won.

He showed himself to those he knew
And proved himself our Lord Christ too
By bread and drink that Ghosts ignore
Disciples found a great savior.

Peter betrayed as cock did crow
I love you Lord did not you know
You asked three times my heart motive
I know now Lord you will forgive.

He left his own down here on earth
To tell people of their new birth
I’m with you till the end of days
Preach the word and keep my ways.

A guide promised will come to you
So, wait and pray until he do
He’ll lead and teach you many things
And show Jesus as King of Kings.



Justine Jones



Justin Jones i(JH Jones) s a Christian kiwi writer who dabbles in poetry and fiction both serious and humorous, mystical and Sci Fi. His novel “The Singing in the Stars” and his mystical poetry/hybrid collection “The Ophanim” are available on Kindle.



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