A Poem by Olaewe David Opeyemi | He is Risen Issue 11 | PAROUSIA Magazine

The Torch of Freedom

Sin gives a receipt of death:
Death laid in hell, sin unleashed the dormant terror
to combust man to ashes.
It drenched an eternal gulf,
& detached man from his source.

The adversary hosted a victory party,
& held men in perennial captivity
through the threat of death –
Holding Adam’s race by the jugular.

Because death must suffer defeat,
For man to wear the robe of liberty:
The author of life must pass through
the agony of death.

So,the Father planted his only Son
Like a seed to the depth of the earth;
To suffer death once and for all,
& break its ancient fetters .

He fought death in his abode,
& caged the terror of men:
Handing the torch of freedom
To all hold the ticket of faith.



Olaewe David Opeyemi



Olaewe David Opeyemi is a Nigerian medical doctor and writer. He believes writing is a veritable tool for personal and social transformation. His works has been published by ChristArt, Christian Literary Hub, Selcouth station, Eboquills and elsewhere. He won the Splendor of Dawn Poetry contest (Nov. 2019). He’s also both a winner and runner up in Shuzia creative writing contest (Dec 2019 & Jan 2020 respectively).

He lives in Birnin Kebbi, Northern Nigeria.
He’s active of Facebook @olaewedavidopeyemi and Instagram @opeolaewe.



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