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Being Enlightened by Ojo Adewale

With great delight, we announce the release of the book Being Enlightened by  Ogbeni Ojo Adewale Iyanda.

This is a book that contain life and growth principles and it is available for free download.

Kindly click to download.


An open letter; undoubtedly inspired by the Holy Spirit to anyone who is eager to live life in a much better way. This book will first, enlighten you about yourself; how you can practically grow into a better person. Secondly, show you how you can have a better relationship with others. Be prepared to be blessed.

Salam Seun Olatunji

Well, it is good. Conveying a deep message with such simplicity and clarity makes it beautiful. I believe brevity was the intention, although I would have suggested further breakdown of the chapters for a more thorough analysis.
However, in its generic approach, you still found a way to weave through brilliantly, bringing to a fine finish where action points are proposed.
Summarily, you rolled out a pretty good piece of art. I look forward to drinking sweeter waters from your fountain.

Oluchi Anyatonwu

Kindly click to download.

About the Author

Ojo Adewale Iyanda

Ojo Adewale is a native of Osogbo, Osun State. A graduate of Applied Chemistry from The Polytechnic, Ibadan. He is a writer and a poet.

He is the author Being Enlightened, a book that contain life and growth principles. Adewale is the Coordinator of Book, Reading & Rhythm, an NGO that emphasize on the reality of reading.

He is a lover of God and emphasize the reality of Christ and Purpose. He believes a good love poem should not demean the sacredness of a woman body, but seen through the mirror of morality and deep affection.


Kindly click to download.


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