Break the Jinx by Mary Joy Orola | Part 2 | PAROUSIA Magazine

…I looked up at him with disgust written all over my face and I wondered what I ever saw in him in the first place.

How could I have been so blind, fallen for his deception, loved him, allowed him run my life for over a decade? Gosh! I felt so angry with myself.

“Do you hate me that much?”

He asked.

“That’s too light for the likes of you, Mr. I detest you; your presence here is appalling to me. I …”

“You don’t have to say it.” He replied with pain, sensing I was about telling him off, forever.

“I will leave.” He replied.

“And with all your THINGS!” I stressed.

He was shocked. I knew he never believed I could part with his ‘good life’. The things he has bought me in the years we have been together. Yes, those years have been good in a way, with all the money to spend, high class status, nose-in-the-air kind of life. In fact, life was all about us. We didn’t care an inch about others, those who tried to stop us, we crushed; took things to ourselves when we willed it; it felt like life couldn’t be better until I met him, my New Man…

“Is he that perfect?”

The question came out of the blues and I had forgotten I wasn’t alone. I looked at my Old Man with a grin that tells him he doesn’t have a right to ask.

“He can give you all I have given you and much more?” He asked further.

I laughed at his face. Did he refer to his things as something?

“You didn’t give me anything, Mr Old. YOU DO NOT HAVE ANYTHING YOU CAN GIVE!” I spat at him.

He looked at me like I have lost it and couldn’t believe all those years with me are wasted, now. I pointed my finger to the direction he came in from.

“NOW, be gone, with all your things, and forever!”

He turned hurriedly, as if afraid I would go violent if he stayed a second longer. I sat back on my chair, to my little book, in my cosy garden.

Footsteps! I heard, far away. Hurried ones! Strange, they’ve become and ever will be.

The spell is cast off!

The curse is broken!

…to be continued…

mary joy orola

Mary Joy Orola is a Nigerian, a child of God whose passion is to dispense the Life of Christ in all sphere of human interaction and endeavour through Writing, Singing, Public Speaking, and the Media, generally.

She is a Graduate of English Language; teaches English Language and Literature in a private Secondary School; writes on topical issues, especially those pertaining to Christian values on her blog; a Culture and Environment writer on International Youth Journal; an editor at her local church and one who loves baking.


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