SHALOM by Rick Davis | Poetry | PAROUSIA Magazine


The peace of wildflowers
And a quiet serene lake.

My breadth slows
And barely exists.

My soul rises quickly
Through many dimensions,

Finally resting
On a breezy sea shore.

Warm sand fills the
Space between my toes.

Clear blue-white sky
Quickly darkens

And a large orange moon
Hovers over and reflects on
Royal blue water.

An angel takes my hand –

She has olive skin,
Glowing auburn hair
And glistening blue eyes.

We are dressed in
Purple-blue light.
She whispers a single word
Into my ear,


In a flash
I am on a busy
Urban night street.

I wave at the bus
That stops for me.

The driver, also,
Has glistening blue eyes.

I get on,
Now wearing bed clothes –

A black t-shirt
And black sweat pants.

Before finding a seat
I wake up,

Light and peaceful.


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