Break the Jinx by Mary Joy Orola | Part 1 | PAROUSIA Magazine

Break the Jinx image of two lovers


  Footsteps!? I could hear them! Familiar ones! And I knew he was coming. I was ready! I’ve been ready and Today, no time to waste any longer, I was going to do it.

    Our love affair had been on for a long while now, the romance was paradisiac but had grown sour (thanks to me). Don’t blame me; the heart can be unpredictable. ‘Something’ just happened to me and all the attachment was blown away!

   Undeterred by what would happen afterwards, I continued reading my little book, in my cosy garden, with my resolve deeply settled in me, awaiting his appearance.

   “Do you want to say you didn’t hear me call out your name?”
    He bellowed, what he had resulted into, in starting a conversation with me for a while now. Like he had to raise his voice so I could hear him, even if we are within close range. It’s interesting! I love his rage. I decided to ignore him, so he could talk some more. Maybe I wouldn’t have to say anything but push him to do it instead.

    “You do this everyday. You ignore me and it is killing. I do not like to be ignored; you’ve known this like forever. Why are you being cold and hostile towards me? Why?”

    I raised my head slightly to see if he was getting teary. Just a little pressure more and the tank will break open, am sure! I continued, with my book.

   “For goodness sake, how did we get to this point? We were so in love, the talk of the town, compatible…but right now, I don’t know you any longer. Can’t get through to you nor understand your heart, actions, words again. You talk about me to your friends in degrading manners. You’ve made me so useless and worthless! Why MJ, why?”

   I could feel the flood gathering and I regretted not having my mobile phone with me, to have a good shot, so I could show my friends later. It was a night of bliss for me!

…to be continued…


mary joy orolaBiography:

Mary Joy Orola is a Nigerian, a child of God whose passion is to dispense the Life of Christ in all sphere of human interaction and endeavour through Writing, Singing, Public Speaking, and the Media, generally.

She is a Graduate of English Language; teaches English Language and Literature in a private Secondary School; writes on topical issues, especially those pertaining to Christian values on her blog; a Culture and Environment writer on International Youth Journal; an editor at her local church and one who loves baking.


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