It’s the New Year already and the month of January is gone, February begun. Parousia is delighted to welcome you to the year 2020. We know you have well laid out plans for the year already and we are wishing you success in your endeavours. HAPPY NEW YEAR!

We wholeheartedly appreciate your noteworthy contributions to Parousia, you have helped us excel in the previous years. As we approach our 5th year, we urge you to support us the more for we are enthusiastic in taking new responsibilities, delivering an outstanding service as the first christian art and literary magazine in Africa.

So far we have published 10 outstanding issues, 3 poetry chapbooks and a fiction all for FREE. We are committed to do more and as we shall be making a call for submission for our very first Poetry Anthology, Collection of Short Stories. You should be a part of this, so watch out!

Consequently, we shall be having three issue publications in April, August and December. The themes will be announced soon. Furthermore, we are open for manuscript submission for our Christian Chapbook Series. Alakowe Firm is an incorporated entity in Nigeria and all of our publications will be published by Parousia, an imprint of this firm.

We are very much interested in working with authors and writers on various projects that could yield positive influence and advance common interests.

Last year, we promised to have Parousia Magazine on it domain, we are looking into it. We seek your contributions to the growth of Parousia so we encourage you to give, donate cheerfully as this would enable us to further advance the cause of promoting Christian Literature.

Happy moments of wonders, feelings of joy are our thoughts of you, our readers for our pure vision is to see you inspired, motivated and edified through art and literature.

Thank you so much.

Tola Ijalusi

Managing Editor/Publisher



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