WRITING ABOUT THE BABY by Elemide Benjamin | Poetry | Christmas Life Issue #10 | PAROUSIA Magazine




How do you write a poem
for the poet that author life
without writing a book?

I have learnt to write about
the road network
in the middle of Red Sea,
the showers of manna
from the restaurant of Heaven,
but how do you write about
the man that was never a man
who left His footprint on water
when he walked on the sea of our fears?

I could start this poem from
the chemistry that made the Word
to become flesh
inside the test tube of a virgin,
but this poem is not about the womb
that became the temple of the Spirit,
but the Holy Thing that was contained
in the womb
which the tomb could not contain…

How do you end a poem
you did not start?
How do you end a poem
that is about the man
who can make the end the beginning
and change the beginning from the end?

When He returns for an eternal Christmas,
I shall ask him,
how to write a poem about the Poet
that rewrote the anthem of salvation
with thorns as quill, and blood as ink!



Elemide Benjamin is a personal development coach, creative and content writer, editor, poet and entrepreneur. He works as the Programmes Director for EduEdge consults, and Creative director for Mindmark Creative Concept.
He holds a Bachelor’s degree in Biochemistry, and proficiency certificate in general and organizational management from Nigeria Institute of Management (Chartered).
He is the visionary Leader and President of The Great Minds, a youth and teens based organization that discover, develop and deploy young minds to inspire change in their spheres, become responsible individuals, problem solvers and social innovators.


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