The lease of God in skin by Tope Ashaolu| Poetry | Christmas Life Issue #10 | PAROUSIA Magazine


The lease of God in skin

On an axe and fiddling tone was words made
The words poured by several servant in several decades
Even when centuries make it a phony talk
A minute still make it a root that stems need

In a hut was God descended
Even when earth was His stool
And firmament, His resting bar
But still, He was lease from oven into a weed boutique

Sometimes skin is a sin on it own
But God was puke in this skin
& in skin was corrections built by Him
Bringing all death into past
And swelling up all lives into words worthiness

Bitterness is a living thing among souls
Even when we sit on thrones
But it’s a burnt particles after the salvation birth
As all yoke is broken and swept by the sweat and wept He made
Even from his beget stand.


Tope AshaoluBiography

Tope Ashaolu also known as Optimistic Poet is a young poet from kwara State,and he is writing from Omu-Aran.His works is most times about nature of life and corrections to societal ills, which he believes that, his work is going to revive the world one day. He was listed among the top ten poet for the 2018 poetry city and his work have featured in many Anthologies, journals. Also he is the author of “Tope Ashaolu collections”,and “Eternal house” and many other poems.Currently he is a student of Federal University Oye-Ekiti, studying English and Literary Studies.



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