THE CHRISTMAS CHAPTER by Onwana Chibueze Declan | Poetry | Christmas Life Issue #10 | PAROUSIA Magazine



Our story of birth in the creation is linked to the fall of man
Where a gully cracked open to spew the wrath of the heavens
In form of eternal disconnection with God

Most stories envelop in two parts with no destination from ours
As a strenuous life in sin served a prelogue to the second chapter
The protagonist lay in a manger in a wee town of Bethlehem;
Born of a virgin mother and in Him, not the scintilla of guilt

The verse was anticipated through times of old, when weak-willed spirits tormented the prophets
But God’s face glowed with endless mercy, for permission was granted before the installation of His precious gift
Which wrapped the Angels on high in songs of worship
Blessing the little star which glazed the night

Unto us a child is born!, the heart of the Earth is melted with joy
Unto us a son is given!, for the light of the new chapter shall never go dim, nor shall the praise on the lips of all
There lacked the dire need to lift up a hill in order to view the poor in celebration,
For even the jailer holds the prisoner in warm embrace
And families are tucked within, proliferating the wishes of the season

Redemption is written upon the face of the Earth
And the sons of Adam need fear no fall, for the king of glory is born
This chapter holds stories of gifts of gold, frankincense and myrrh at the sight of the star
Contrasting the present in gifts of love in human wrapping
With a smile on every face witnessing the advent of rebirth
This indeed is the glorious chapter of life for man
In the birth of our lord and the joy of Christmas



Onwana Chibueze Declan


Onwana Chibueze Declan is a young undergraduate who storms his muse purely from the environment.He was born on the 25th of October, 2003.He had his secondary schooling at Jewel Model Secondary School, kubwa. He hails from Owerri North local Government area of IMO state, Nigeria. He hopes to study medicine due to his passion for science but loves the inspiration gotten from poetry. He lives and writes from Abuja, F.C.T


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