HOW MY CHILDHOOD CHRISTMASES WENT… by Enyinda Nathaniel Okey | Poetry | Christmas Life Issue #10 | PAROUSIA Magazine




In my home
At the countryside
Embedded within the creeks
Later discovered they called us Niger Delta region.

Papa would sew me a pair of shorts
It was called D34
Multipurpose, this pair of shorts
Served for school and for Christmas
Extra care needed to protect it from harm..

Rice would be prepared
That was Christmas rice for us
Only time of year we saw and ate rice
With stew that the aroma still scintillates within me….

Boys my age
We could be four or more
We would eat from one friend’s house to another
The best day in my life was always a Christmas Day.

Now grown and educated
I can’t remember what happened to the shorts
If there’s something of my childhood I miss a lot
It is this multipurpose shorts I must never outgrow!


Enyinda Okey


Enyinda Nathaniel Okey was educated at United Solar Systems Corporation, Michigan, USA, University of New Brunswick, Canada, Ball State University, USA, and International Training Centre, Turin-Italy.
He is a member of Foursquare Gospel Church, Omole, Lagos.

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