Champion for Christ by Tralone Lindiwe Khoza | Poetry | Christmas Life Issue #10 | PAROUSIA Magazine



Champion for Christ

The glass is half full with my faith
I am a descendant of Abraham
I take what is mine and I push against adversity
I stand in the gap for many lives
So they can dive and not drown
I sit in the front for hours
In my weakness i will roar with victory
And I ask the Counsellor to heal
My broken heart
Tomorrow I will stand the Chalkboard of life
I will face constructive criticism
I am a Comrade for Christ
Not a cloned chameleon
I don’t camouflage lies to fit in
I am girded with truth
I am a champion for a Christ
I can do all things

Tralone Lindiwe Khoza


Tralone Lindiwe Khoza is best described as a psalmist, prophetess and a minister of the Gospel of Christ. In her profession as a marketing specialist she is the founder of Leading Lindiwe Blogspot and Lindiwe’s Folktales: Media and Branding. She describes herself as lover of life writing and she is passionate about changing the state of South Africa’s creative industry. She holds a BA Communications degree from the University of Johannesburg and a postgraduate Diploma in Marketing (IMM). She has written for All4Women, BizCommunity, Joy magazine and internationally her work includes writing for MUMSRU, an online magazine for single mothers in the UK, as well as fora South Australian woman’s fashion magazine. She is also the international country coordinator for Women Poets International Movement (Mujeres Poetas Internacional MPI)


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