12 DAYS OF CHRISTMAS by Okoro Emmanuel Chukwuebuka | Poetry | Christmas Life Issue #10 | PAROUSIA Magazine





At the days of Christmas
It came along with fantasies on pear
And glamorous crystal lightings
Like golds
Which evolves with the beauties
Of the fruits of the spirit.
As the two Scarlett doves sprang up
With the trade marks of the holy spirit
Which fills our mouths with tongues of

The Three French hens came with
The cock crows of peace which
Over flooded the nations with oceans
Of happiness.
As the crows called four pretty
Birds to flap their wings in amazement.

The five rings became golds
As wedding bells jingled
In the seasons where the king
Was born.
With six mortal geese’s which were
Laid as a sign of fruitfulness to bounded

The seven swans swims
In the lakes as children watch
Them with amusement
As they spread foods of love
At their beaks in tunes of celebrations.
As the eight maidens were sent forth
With milks as gifts to the hopeless.

The nine hopless ladies danced
Like David
And the ten lords leaped
As the joy of Christmas brought
Forth the lights of salvation
And repentance.

The eleven pipers pipeup
With instrumentals as they brood
Souls with rhymtical assurance of a
New life.
With the twelfth day which sprang up with
Feast of celebrations as drummer boys
Sounds alarms of Christmas to
Remember the birth of Jesus our true
Who is the reason for the season.




Okoro Emmanuel Chukwuebuka was born on December 3rd 2002. He is a poet and a novelist. He hails from Abia State, Umuahia-South LGA.He is currently writing from the Federal capital territory, Abuja(FCT). He aspires to be a diplomat and an international lawyer. He targets his literary works to correct societal ills in the society. His poem ‘Emergence’ has won the 2019 edition of Korea-Nigeria Poetry Prize (Junior Category).



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