A poem by Victoria Crawford | PAROUSIA MAGAZINE

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Thung Dong Farm Saints: Harvest Home

Coral bougainvillea ascends the trees
angel ladder door open
between earth and heaven
All Saints day,
Harvest Home gifts treasured
where you gather together in my name

Small multitude, gratitude praise
songs and truest words
in variegation of languages,
cultures, people
joy in union of day and plenty

White egrets pace cow heels
peahens scatter before toddlers
cat luxuriates in boy stroking
river widens into pond
Thung Dong Farm gathering

Forty more voices sing
forty more small hands pass the peace
join the Harvest Home celebration
as forty orphans,
forty saints share thankful continuity

Victoria Crawford


Poet Victoria Crawford gives thanks for the gifts given on All Saints Day as well as in her life and especially to Warren and the Thung Dong Farm and Father Iain.  This list could be very long in all the generosity of the day, but you are all saints indeed.  Thankfulness should be carried everywhere, but often we forget.  



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