TRANSFORMATION | A Poem by Rick Davis | PAROUSIA Magazine


I lived in mud.

Then, I met you and began
To walk through reclining forests
And aside melodic mountains

And today, despite challenges
Life is as tranquil
As late summer fireflies.

I was a broken fish,
Who, upon finding you,
Found that I could stand and laugh
No longer so self-absorbed
And ignoring the angst
Of needy tired souls.

This afternoon
I watch a cardinal flutter
From tree to tree
Beginning to sing with him
In Zen peace.

I trace a loving outline of you
In my expanding mind.

Your car pulls into the garage.
The dog barks.
You are home, and so

Loons swim lovingly
Through our lives.




Rick Davis lives in the Chicago area, USA.  He is married to Marianne. Marianne has five children, and twenty-four grand & great-grandchildren.  They have a loved cat & dog.  Rick graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, and several graduate schools.  He’s has worked in market research and other positions.  He has worked as a volunteer pastoral counselor at Blind Service Association in Chicago, and at the University of Illinois Hospital at Chicago.  He is an ordained minister and interfaith Rabbi.