A Poem by Tope Ashaolu | PAROUSIA Magazine

trapped water on the ground with buildings at distance

The Eternal House

The colours are beautiful
Glistening like an early sun

The paints are not just rare alone, but its existence is banned
For it is a winsome beauty, glowing more than the earth destined light

A man once wrote “Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day”
But my infer is
Nor summer or winter is on the track

But here, nothing to compare to the one glistering narrow path
For riches don’t fascinate it, neither poor with blot

This house is carved on millions of rock
But with few rooms

A paradise stamped on zillions of oceans
But with little hostage

But on this kingdom
Is there a lawn for us to walk and dine there?
We of dark mystery

Is there a path?
We of rotten thought of no giant star existence

To dominate, we indicate
But what shall we indicate?
Is it how we scythe the lives of companies, hundred times before their leave
Or how we buried the wonderment of compatriot

To be counted with this mansion
Let’s rebirth our soul
Make a bye to this earth
Paint our somber mind holy.

Tope Ashaolu also known as Optimistic Poet is a young poet from Kwara State, his works is all about nature of life and corrections to societal ills, which he believes that his work is going to revive the world one day. He was listed among the top ten poet for the 2018 poetry city and his work have featured in many Anthologies, journals and also he is the author of “Tope Ashaolu collections”. Currently, he is a student of English and literary studies, Federal University Oye-Ekiti.