MORNING PRAYER by Rick Davis | Poetry | PAROUSIA Magazine

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I lay in bed
Whispering to You.
My love of You
Feels like joints
And bones.

As I lay
In twilight half-sleep
I eclipse You
With tender feelings.

The sweat of life
Always continues
Like a cruel
Walk into sun

But in bed
I allow reason
To slide away

And am bathed
In a cascading shower
Of blue rain.

My mind
Keeps wandering
But I fight
This crisis
Of distraction

And continue
To listen to
My quiet breath

Allowing love
To fill the bedroom –

I am famous
For loyalty
And grab You
As if You could
Be mine.

I pop my neck
And turn on my
Right side

Asking for forgiveness
Like an
Old Protestant
Crawling toward You.

I squeeze
Into a secret channel –

Like entering
A birth canal

And in my soul-prayer
I vacate my body
With hushed bliss

Loosing heaviness,
Feeling as though
My body is stolen
From a morgue

But just as quickly
I return to flesh

And shiver
Like a plague
Of insects.

I slowly open
Sleepy eyes
To the smell
Of freshly brewed

And swallow,
Quickly leaving
My higher self,

Wishing that I
Could stay in bed
And pray
All day.

Rick Davis

Rick Davis lives in the Chicago area, USA.  He is married to Marianne. Marianne has five children, and twenty-four grand & great-grandchildren.  They have a loved cat & dog.  Rick graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, and several graduate schools.  He’s has worked in market research and other positions.  He has worked as a volunteer pastoral counselor at Blind Service Association in Chicago, and at the University of Illinois Hospital at Chicago.  He is an ordained minister and interfaith Rabbi.