up at dawn: by Rick Davis | Poetry | PAROUSIA Magazine

close up photo of hand during sunset
Photo by Ivandrei Pretorius on Pexels.com

shuffling near the lake
quietness shakes

the wavering air.
purple lilies sigh.

sun and moonlight
blend in watery shadows.

the creamy moon
is infinite.

gusts of wind sing.
a woman with heavy

pale make-up
exits a high-rise

and scowls
at creation –

burning like a necklace
of jewels.

peaceful sky.
i jog,

lost in thought
and unhurried running.

there is water
in the moon.

8/30/2014, 8/14/2016 & 8/14/2019

Rick Davis

Rick Davis lives in the Chicago area, USA.  He is married to Marianne. Marianne has five children, and twenty-four grand & great-grandchildren.  They have a loved cat & dog.  Rick graduated from Northeastern Illinois University, and several graduate schools.  He’s has worked in market research and other positions.  He has worked as a volunteer pastoral counselor at Blind Service Association in Chicago, and at the University of Illinois Hospital at Chicago.  He is an ordained minister and interfaith Rabbi.