Three Poems from Rick Davis | PAROUSIA Magazine

true kabbalah:

breathing Light I rest peacefully
lying on the loveseat acquiescently
observing the television and luminous
blue white sky above.

rushing purity from vents below
as i lovingly peck at the tablet
allowing my higher self

to express him/herself —
knowing that this is the only
self that i am —

knowing the Unity of all
that was, is and will be,

so time dissolves
and God ceases to suffer

as He/She is no longer
fragmented by my divisions, objectification
and theology.

i breathe softly
content to experience the friendship
of God

found in poetry & the glances of others.

i invite the Creator to allow me
to co-create

with loving-kindness.

all that i can really say is

i am
and we are.

remaining receptive
is enough.


Closing my eyes,
I let go of

unwritten books
that are a slide show

of old wishes –
all feeling

like myths
or metaphors.

As I pray
I invent

realms of atmosphere
catching my childhood

in a wavy net.
I release

the past
like a vampire

bathed in light.

meditation on the back porch:

as you leave for the day
your kiss is a loving collision

and a lamp
of my ancestors.

i sit in humid morning
with our dog on my lap,

closing my eyes
and observe my breath.

my thoughts are compulsive –
like an onyx coat

and clouds of plankton.
there is a microscope

in my head,
but as i pet Bella

my soul becomes
sea green

and the sun wipes its forehead
in orchid heat.

love soothes fires
as i become

a peaceful dove
reclining within

the restful
mind of God.


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