sermon on the mount


He slapped me for no reason
I wanted to slap back, but held back my hand for fear of treason
I viewed my fused face and discovered the only solace was to cry
As in such moment, that was the only option to try
My heart burned like noon sun
Fearless and fierce like queen’s son
The rage rages and swells and burns and hits and roars!
Then I gnashed my teeth in pain and stopped it before it soar
But rather, I could fill my tear ducts swell up like boils
And the ducts -hot, rolled down my cheeks one by one as if they were moiled
My nose smelt hate and my mouth swore revenge in pain
But this time, not on my offender who had slapped me in vain
My rage raised revenges rolling on a subordinate soloist –
My kid sis clad with innocence came in humming her hymns, calm but hoist
Then came the rage curled round my neck and my heart, in pain was mourning
‘why is this one singing this morning?’
Her inadvertent step on the mouth of my slipper made my hand gave her
a sound slap
The rage! The rage again! The pain! The pain again! A slap? Why slap?
‘Oh! I have committed the treason’
My heart cut asunder like a repentant murderer in prison
I chewed out apology that was belated, though meekly
Then my senses came calling me ‘weakly’
Then my senses preached me sermon on mount Knowledge:
“The hate you give messes everybody though without your knowledge
Sometimes you have to tame your heart so as to calm your rage
Because little flame of rage burns down generations in just a wave
And little tongue of rage cuts down friends and folks and foes in just a flash”

TUMININU AIYEDUN is a native of Ogbomosho, Oyo State but resides in
Abuja. She is a graduate of Nutrition and Dialectics from Federal
University of Agriculture, Abeokuta. Apart from being a Poet, Tumininu
is an instrumentalist and a gospel singer who believes that every
talent is from God and every talent should be used to glorify God.