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for those who don't know chocolate


For Those Who Don’t Know Chocolate : Angelic Vision of Love for a New World

Title: For Those Who Don’t Know Chocolate
Author: Amirah Al Wassif
Publisher: Poetic Justice Books & Arts
Year: 2019
Pages: 44
ISBN 10: 1950433013
ISBN 13: 978-1950433018

Reviewer: Joseph. S. Spence, Sr.

This is an exceptional poetry book by an angelic author, who has opened her soul like an angel, speaks like an apostle, and shows great testament of love trough poetry. She places us in areas as: battle fields, refugee camps, dark lonely streets, et al. She inspires us with visions such as: undertakings before her death; tales of 50-barefooted men; an African child and mother; how love is a perfect poem and immortal truth; Madrid, Spain, healing suffering pain; and traveling on angels’ wings, which will awaken and heighten the senses for loving and considering others.

This book is motivating and uplifting. One must read it to appreciate it. The imaginary, concrete, and figurative language used, will bring a smiling face. This book will touch the soul, and stimulates the mind. Its inspiration also provides nourishment for the soul and spirit.

For Those Who Don’t Know Chocolate

Our soul-inspiring poetess, opens this precious book of reverence with her signature poem of the same name. Such an intriguing piece. One which speaks to the reality of life. She touches on souls never tasting chocolate. Those who probably never will experience such a tasty treat during their lives. She expresses sentiments for them. Here are some selected words:

For those who don’t know chocolate: the sleepers in the corners of ancient streets. Boys who never dream, heard rumors about its sweetness, lack food and live in imaginary houses. Babies who have never tasted milk, who gather in the torn tents around the world. Innocent faces washed by the rain. Seekers of the smell of humanity in each dark alley. People murdered in every battle. Mothers who have no voice. Players with woolen balls. Little boys who sell water. Dead murdered by terrorism. (Pages 1-2).

She laments for people never tasting chocolate. She paints a very vivid picture across the spectrum on this issue. She expresses her thoughts with overwhelming emotion, stating her position on this reality of life. She desires all to experience such a stimulating treat of chocolate in their lives. The picture of those without this experience is very gloomy and needs a revival.

Before My Death

This poem brings to mind wishes one many have as a bucket list. However, the poets list is more significant that a bucket list such as, Walking the Great Wall of China, or Riding the Orient Express. Here she removes the dressing from the wound and addresses existing issues. Excerpts are as follows:

Before my death, I would like to sit beside an innocent homeless girl, talking together about the biscuits, magnificent toys and the ice cream, to draw a false smile on her face, convince myself that she is very happy! I would like to kiss all the flowers, toss my grief aside. Laugh in a loud tone, close enough to the political posters. Gather the most delicious fruits, sending them, never tasted any! Praise the woman who works in breaking rocks, struggle under the angry sun, salute them with love and pity. Share my food with a lost dog, in the dirty narrow tavern. before my death, I will learn how I must live! (Pages 3-5).

The poet cries about living a special life before her death. She sees tragedy affecting others and laments on conditions of beautifying their lives before her death. Such an awesome position of gratitude for one offering herself on behalf of others, such as Christ did for the world.

Funeral Of 50-Barefoot Men

This poem is told as a story. It starts in one fashion, and twists with an irony in the end. That twist is devastating to those not barefooted: Excerpts are as follows:

Amon village, everybody knows how to distinguish the smell of fresh bread, poor sweeper drowning in the colors of the rainbow, greatest secret to the mass grave, people are storytellers, torn clothing and the perfect ones, 50 barefoot men carrying empty pots, facial bones tell you about long ages of bitterly. (Pages 6-8).

Her she relates a great story of 100-men, 50-rich and 50-poor. She ends the piece with quite an interesting irony of how the river were everyone gathers for stories, paid back the community with nature, respecting the 50-barefooted men, when others certainly did not.

Woman Looking for A Tongue

It’s interesting how some have disbelief in others because they are disabled. We see this daily, especially from those with the assumption that, “The fittest of the fittest shall survive.” Excerpts of this poem are as follows:

O lord, do I count? and he answered me in short raise your voice and shout. They said we need a plastic woman but, I act like a real woman so, they cried “be shy” but, I insisted to fly! (Pages 8-9).

Such a very interesting story regarding the thoughts of people thinking and speaking about someone else. They expect everyone to wear their shoe and cherish their thoughts. If this does not occur, the person is ostracized and marginalized, as not being one of them.

Greeting From The Dark

This poem relates to love and how it’s terrible for some, while not for others. It shares the reality and remembrance in life where one tries to forget certain bad events. Excerpts are as follows:

I remember this letter when my tears decided to escape. I could not understand how his love for me became hurtful like a gun. When I fell to my knees. The victim of a kidnapper. But tell me how I could welcome your greetings from the dark? (Pages 29-30).

The voice of the poet relates a tragic series of events. This leads to present position, which reflects the ending voice in the poem. Such negative events of pain, tears, and never-ending bad memory.

Traveling On The Angel Wings

This poem is one of fantasy. It’s about a person on the wings of an angel. One beholding things others have never seen. Excerpts are as follows:

Traveling on the angel wing, takes me away, to my first dance, a supernatural scene, memory or dream, it was a fairytale, of course! Shouting like a child. Become a true crazy lover your warmth in this night transfer simple, immediately heals all I suffer! (Page 30).

Just imagine a child on the wings of an angel beholding things others have ever seen before. Such great fascination in a child’s eyes. Amazing!

I Love You Despite What Everyone Knows!

This poem relates to love. The voice in the poem states how one is loved despite all that is taking place in society, especially with rumors floating around. Selected excerpts are as follows:

Despite the audience blame, despite all my long nights, I was totally bent. Despite the urgent calls every midnight, despite the loneliness, despite the world difficult rules, despite the absence of because. (Pages 30-31).

Here she speaks of loving someone despite what is taking place in society. Such unconditional love from the soul. The kind which anyone would cherish to have in their heart. The kind of love that’s seriously needed in the world today. Such a world where we are supposed to be stronger, more educated, and wiser; however, in reality it seems like it’s the opposite way around.

Far As The Sky

The last poem is this wonderful and inspiring book, speaks of a true awakening regarding life. It addresses the equality everyone experiences in the final moment of life. Excerpts are as follows:

Far as the sky, we are all sailors who never caught fish. Think of the questions our poor and our rich. Great wisdom we reach hello equals goodbye. The words we all cry when we meet with death! (Page 33).

Here our angelic author, ends the book in such a magnificent way. The essence of this piece shows, we are all equal in the end. She relates there is no difference as to one’s status in life—rich or poor. There is always a cry be it internal or external, at that final moment of life, which comes from everyone.

One must read this inspiring book which speaks volume regarding real world events. The impact of words will shock the conscience of any reasonable person, regarding what is taking place across the spectrum of life with humankind. The blending of reality with fiction calm the nerves, with fascinating stories, bringing a smile to one’s face.

Our author’s down to earth approach is like a pilgrim’s journey, for the benefit and upliftment of others. Her position is inspiring and tantamount to life being lived graciously by all as the Creator desires. She reflects grace and reverence like a prophetess, or apostle, which brings others to salvation. Her entire being in this book encapsulates benevolence, mercy and grace, based on her thoughts, words, and deeds!



Joseph S. Spence

Joseph S. Spence, Sr., is the author of seven poetry books, and inventor of the, “Epulaeryu Poetry” form and style. His writings have appeared in national and international forums such as: journals, anthologies, magazines, newspapers and the U. S. Army. He has taught at Bryant and Stratton University, and retired from the U.S. Army as an officer. He is a Goodwill Ambassador, and has received many poetry awards including: Poetry Ambassador Medal (USA), Poetry Bard (UK), Independent Poet Laureate (USA), and Who’s Who in Poetry (USA). He is also a member of various national and international scholastic honor society