IN NEED OF A NEED! by Mary Joy Orola | PAROUSIA Magazine



A need is something that is an absolute requirement for survival primarily and every living thing, man especially has got survival instinct in him. On this side of creation, we all do all we can to make ends meet, in order to keep body and soul together; no breathing human is exempted from the rat race for relevance, eminence, and excellence to keep one’s social influence or prominence. If one doesn’t achieve all in his life time, he transfers the desire to his children and that continues for generations. There is no end to the craving.


Why do we feel a greater sense of responsibility and desire to amass more even when we seem to have laid hold on our needs so to speak?


This could only mean one thing. THERE IS A NEED STILL LEFT TO BE MET!


Every man is in need of a NEED! Build all the sky scrapers; have the highest net worth in the universe; marry the most wonderful spouse and birth great children, and have top notch social and economic influence; Or do not even have anything at all – be the poorest man on earth with nothing to your name and strive to have a change of status, you will still be in NEED. Man was not made to meet his own need and satisfy himself all by himself. We are all subject to forces beyond us, whether we like it or not, forces that determine our existence here on earth and eternity. However it is important to know that Eternity superimposes on earthly existence though our existence here speaks volume of our eternal state. This has nothing to do with Life after death; it is simply setting priorities and a determination to decipher which force we succumb to.


The NEED of man or The Creator’s!


ONE THING IS NEEDFUL. The life of a man does not consist in the abundance of things that he possesses.

Therefore having food and raiment, let us be content. Is this possible, on earth, with all the competition and craving for name? For a natural, NO; but for someone who sees beyond here and Now, YES for Eternity is far worth living for, even while on earth.


So, one thing is the NEED that satisfies all other needs, the Knowledge of the true God and CHRIST JESUS! This is the NEED that every man needs in order to bring a peace and satisfaction that this world and its cravings cannot comprehend.





Mary Joy Orola is a Nigerian, a child of God whose passion is to dispense the Life of Christ in all sphere of human interaction and endeavour through Writing, Singing, Public Speaking, and the Media, generally.