Poems from Prudence Okeoghene Emudianughe | PAROUSIA Magazine


Before you met me,
my life.
was a series of unfortunate events.
this body was not mine
and how to get away with murder was my google top search.
in this deadpool too.
needed no sense 8 to sense it
i was the walking dead.
a soul already pronounced the guilty.
this is no american horror story.
This stranger thing. Was my life.

but then, in my darkest hour, you came,
your glow, so supernatural. you said.
‘this is no game night. I am alpha, this is my post.
i’ll be your ready player one.
the avenger to fight your infinity war to the endgame.’
i was speechless, this was a great news but did you know my about my scandal?
did you know i was an outcast? the sinner on this blackish blacklist.
in smiles you had said. ‘let me be that black panther. i’ll wash you. leave no trace for blindspotting.’

and the veil split from top to the bottom. because you bore my sins, more stripes on your back. they had said, this was a mission impossible, fallout! a death wish
and despite incessant whispers, like he’s ‘loco’ ‘don’t worry, he won’t get far on foot.’
you moved because to you, I was the designated survivor.
too dirty. my sins. The sky turned dark.
your father turned his back in anguish.
and the world was still as in a quiet place. then like ralph broke the internet,
hell broke loose in a rampage. graves opened, spitting bodies.
this was no prison break.
was a grand tour. you had the power,
cause in a flash, with no shazam
you beat lucifer, killed that sin’s venom.
You had always got
game of thrones.

and this is how it ends.
out of the den of thieves.
being bought with a price. my sin blotted out,
i am. not just fifty shades but in all shades freed.
no longer the girl in a spider web. but the new girl.
no longer adrift or scared of an extinction
because when God friended me,
became incredible too.
with no drunk history, i am. living in this empire of light and love, actually you can say that a star is born.

You are.
the greatest showman. the mayor.
it’s an understatement to call you the king of boys because you are.
the King of Kings.
too much of a father, we don’t call you. the Chief daddy. too much of a lord, You are the more over the overlord. You are everywhere. up north, down south. east to west. there’s never sickness because You are the Good doctor. no darkness because you hold the dark.
no time limit because You are timeless. priceless. Your love so holy, they can’t call it the nun. Your embrace, wrap so dear, you can’t call it Bohemian’s. You’re love and You are holy. And this world, my world, is yours.

this is us.
no downsizing.
there is never darkness because you see now, orange is the new black. and we are not just any modern family, we are the originals. you see our love get calibre such as say the wedding party na destination heaven.

dear Lord, Your love is a legacy, the legacies. love that lets us bare our soul. love that never judges. love lifting weights like the heavyweight champ. the one who knows us inside out. You’re the easy one to talk to. there’s no fear when we’re with you. no burden. just light. just love. love that keeps us smiling in days of pain, grin so tight, we can literally feel my lips kissing my gums. love that stays until these butterflies that tighten our stomach burns.
before we were born, Your love found us and after death it stays.
no decay. no wrap ups.
this love is eternal.
this love remains.
this love has no end.


Freedom is being in so much love with you
that i no longer matter to myself
and it doesn’t matter
because i am everything to you.

It is knowing
the true meaning of the breathe
I draw. You.

It is the ease of talking to You
First of his name. King of all Kings.
Spliter of the veil. The Chief High Priest.
Lion of the tribe of Judah. Lover of my Soul.
The Undead. The I AM That I AM.
The one who was who is
and who is to come.
The unchanging one.
The eternal God.

It is You.
Our sure guarantee, Our access to a
more than diamond eternity.
The one whose fidelity is faithful.
The one whose love echos
and stretches towards oceans, the polaris
and limitless. The one who loves more than love
can comprehend. The one who saves
before salvation was a word.

Freedom is leaning on you.
Knowing that you are here;

Prudence Okeoghene Emudianughe


Prudence Okeoghene Emudianughe is a Poet, Spoken word artiste and writer. Her work has been featured on Barren Magazine, Sabyfy. She was Second runner up for Chrysolite Poet of the year 2017 and was also shortlisted for the Communication League prize for fiction, 2017.
She lives in Anambra, Nigeria, where she works as a Video editor for the State Broadcasting Service. Other times, she’s pretending to hate cooking whilst cooking to satisfy her new recipe craving.