Three Poems from Damilola Omotoyinbo | PAROUSIA Magazine


I see Him healing my wounds, wounds that words cannot say
Scars fading
Filling my void, voids that I have long lived with

I never believed in a God for a while
Though, I dare not question or challenge His existence
I just can’t feel Him
But now, I understand he hears those words I say
Words, not prayers, because only a being who believes in a God would pray
Words I say, telling Him, God, if you really are, I want to know you

Again, He gave me a chance
A second chance
For the bad decisions I have made
And the good I have failed to make
He kept pulling me in, even though I kept slipping off and running far away from Him
For my deeply buried feeling of inadequacy of why an infinite being will be interested in a damaged me
But He knows me from the start and He showed me that the farther I run away from Him, the shorter the gap between us becomes
And I never knew He was guiding my steps and each minute I have lived

He kept pulling me in
Because this is where I belong
He owns the wheel
And now is the time I need to give it back to Him.


This heart that yearns for healing
That desires to be made whole
He has fought alone
His Sins and Addiction
But he falls deeper into the hole
Back into the pool of despair

Just like a man who wants to get himself out of a pit
Without help from outside
Yet, with his sole fight to be free from his sin and addiction
He is a worker lost in the middle of service
Stacking the chairs, sweeping the church, Evangelism, blasting in tongues

Yet, a deep hole remains in his heart
He yearns to have a deep devotion with God
Without the guilt of his sins and addiction stinging his heart
To end the bitter feeling of guilt that fills his heart during sermon

But he is a worker, an example, we look up to him
His weakness is buried for others not to see and judge
Fighting alone and Failing
Wanting to heal himself of a pain greater than him
Searching within himself for help
Blind to He whose out stretched arms is willing to take us just as we are.


A Christian he is
He has his bible hid between the leaves of a newspaper
Clenched tightly to his side
For men not to see
And have him labeled as one of them

But he claim still the benefits of the cross
All to His own He gives
Blessing, sound health and riches
Yet, he held to himself the light he carries

Darkness becomes thick
Thick, thick and thick, like a wall
The world got choked and died
Yet, he held to himself his light
Desiring still the benefits of the cross

A saint he is with the blood of men rolled into a ball of iron tied to his neck
A saint he is who watched the world die
Hiding under his armpit the map out of darkness
Over this light that never shines, heaven wail

Damilola Omotoyinbo is a creative writer who believes in the power of pen and the positive difference it can make in our world. She studied Biochemistry. Damilola has gotten her work published few times on “Tell magazine”, Pelluera and Kalahari Review, she writes from Ibadan, Nigeria. You can read more creative write-ups by her on her blog at
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