Two Poems from Olatubosun David | PAROUSIA Magazine

A Plea to Dear Lord

I ask
Not for silver and gold
Nor for the luxuries that make one err
I ask not for joy
That makes for grief at sunset
But that I may be your mind
The best you ever want
For there I may be happy

Whatever you give
Whatever you hold
My Lord, my God


the day of the lord

The Day of the Lord

Of the time, I have no idea but without doubt
I believe you know, time is running fast
So, a ten millennium like a night-watch truly is

Of the promise, truly, I believe no one forgets so fast
Except that slowly, bit by bit we walk pass it
While once in a while, when it crosses our mind we panic

Well, let’s refresh and keep the promise aglow in mind
And not become fearful at the memory of his coming
When the heaven, the earth in awe shall stand

Let’s keep ringing the bell ahead of the time
That the cloud, the sun from the sky shall quake
And the glory of the heaven from the cloud shall come

                No more on the ass and her colt
Nor like a child in the stable
But in splendour and majesty
In the company of a great celestial band
With drums and trumpet

Who wouldn’t desire to be sheltered somewhere else far away
Or grow wings like an eagle and fly away when trouble erupts
When the reapers thrust their sickles to collect the wheat from the field
And tears are left to their fate
When the desires of now shall fall
That joy of now gives grief and laughter turns tears
When pride shall turn shame and bravery turns fear
But joy shall abound elsewhere
Oh dear Lord,
I pray not for long life and all the rest
But a pass to a lifelong in your rest
When all these things shall surely come to pass
To this and others I say amen
Let every saint heading home say


Olatunbosun David on Parousia Magazine.

Olatubosun David, born in Ilupeju Ekiti, Ekiti State, Nigeria, graduated from Rufus Giwa Polytechnic, Owo, where he studied Office Technology and Management. However, his special interest in poetry drives him. Most of his works condemn moral decadence and religious perverseness. Olatubosun is a confidential secretary in Achievers University, Owo, Nigeria.