Two Poems from Ogunojuwo Oluwaseyi Damilola|Easter 2019


Awake my heart it’s time to pray
To pray for all he’s done
And raise the anthem loud and clear
For Jesus made the way.

Awake my mouth and sing his praise
So sing it everywhere
And let the East, North, South and West
Declare him as the Lord.

Awake my legs and walk me to
To the house of God my king
Where prayers, word, and songs are raised
Through Jesus Christ the king.

Awake the earth and bring forth fruit
To feed all hungered hearts
And let these hearts again resound
Their victories in the Lord.

The Prayer of my Prime

A nation of wonder, Lord, my womb should home
with many a grace guiding it,
her walls I pray my faith should strengthen
that when evil locks in the rare your word unveils them.

O Lord, a ceaseless thundering of glory I seek
each passing day including the nights,
nights when visions grow blind with emptier thoughts
O lord, wrap me deeper in your strength.

Track and lure me shamelessly into your worship
and lash my heart with more desire to love –
a love beyond the art yet in the act
O Lord, teach me best your inclinations.

Make me the glory song of years to come
that in the mouth of saints, my love for you become a scripture
not just in pages but lives afterwards
when my soul together with heaven’s choir sing hallelujah.


Ogunojuwo Oluwaseyi Damilola

Ogunojuwo Oluwaseyi Damilola is a poet, blogger, editor, and content developer from Lagos, Nigeria. He graduated from the University of Benin, Nigeria where he majored in English and Literature. His love for God and all that he has created is what drives him to making his poetry experiential.