Inhale Easter by Victoria Crawford | Easter 2019



Inhale Easter

Victoria Crawford image PAROUSIA Magazine

Grubby months of heat,
dawn hauling dry days
of dust,
wearing down, wearing through
Lenten testing

northern people discover
resurrection in pastel flowers
and trees bursting leaves
while in this tropic land
of dry and wet, we pray
for rainy release

Friday grief advances
to Saturday’s preparation
of mission church
to Easter’s joy
all our fine colors

Victoria Crawford image PAROUSIA Magazine 1

Rattle taps on metal roof
distracts the workers—
the Water of life journeys
down from heaven
early, out of season
breath of balm breeze puffs
renewal through windows
refreshed we inhale Easter



Victoria Crawford


Poet Victoria Crawford celebrates Easter with words breathed with joy.  Her poems have appeared in Time of Singing, Flesh of the Heart, The Lyric, and other journals.